Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starbucks at Park Hotel

Closure of one morning retreat: Starbucks Park Hotel

Hmm…. Park Hotel Starbucks. This is one Starbucks outlet that is moving out of the city on the 28th Dec 2008.

There have been confirmed information that this starbucks store is closing. And there it goes, one of my morning hiding place.

Every morning, I have been visiting the Starbucks as I would usually reached early to work. This is because by coming to City early, I can avoid the morning period train, and do not have to squeeze in with the rest of the people in the train.

However, when I touch down at 0700, and left with 2 hours to go, I simply do not wish to step into the office so early. This is because if I made my presence known, and there is a problem around, there is simply no way to escape it. Thus, I have been hanging around the city, which is very empty.

One day, I was walking along the city, I pop by one coffee shop after another, before I settled down at Starbucks.

Starbucks have many outlets in the city, paragon, Centerpoint, Park hotel. And among them in the city, I find the Park hotel starbucks is truly the best in town. This is because, they opens early in the morning, at 0700, whereas the others open at 0730. The ambient is very nice, and with the slow going music, and best of all, free wireless and powerpoint.

This is how the internet laptop comes in handy. By plugging in the laptop with the powerpoint, wireless network and some configuration, I can interface remotely with the PC in the office, and get to read the emails, and do some surfing free, without the need of being in the office. Ever since I discovered a way to interface remotely with the computer in the office from other place, I can start using the laptop, as if it is the one in the office. And therefore, I will be staying put in Starbucks at the parkhotel for the next 2 hours before I hit the office.

With a window view to the street, I can see the people outside from inside, with the view of slow walking of people walking to the office (some even drag themselves!), and the buses travelling with the cars. There are some impatient drivers, horning at those whoare taking slow to drive.

Sad news came, when they mentioned that the Starbucks in Park hotel will be closing down in the end of the year. Oh gosh. One of my hiding place is going off. How ar? Time to start planning for another location.

It is inevitable, because the park hotel will be going through some renovation. So I guess they will not be renewing their contract. I guess there must be some secret ingredient that makes the coffee here taste just the right strength. Other than starbucks, one coffee café is serving too strong, whereas another is serving too soft (Can't tell you exactly the name of that, else they will gonna sue me~). But for starbucks, it is just nice. The pastry is also absolutely delicious. The Orea cheese cake is my favourite. Huh….. How should I describe it. It just have this wonderful taste.

The staff? They are simply very friendly and approachable. They are willing to do anything to help you out. Where else can you find people like them? The newspaper are always out every day early in the morning WITHOUT fail, and they remember your favorite drinks if you go there often, and I can see, sometime before the people speak out, they would be able to recite your drink.

It is T-5 more days before the starbucks is closed down. Friends who sees the photo of my in the facebook, you can stop guessing which outlet of starbuck I am in now. It is Park Hotel Starbuck. So if you wanna take a last few look at this starbucks in Park hotel, take it soon, else forever it will be gone.

So then, where should I go to when it closed?

Christmas is coming~! Merry Christmas~!


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