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Valkyrie, the german version

This is a movie, that many may wonder what it means. But it is going to start soon.
I watched the german version before, and I truly think it is a great show. In the American re-write version, there are a lot of improvements, and of course, some effects, and perhaps it would be greater than the original version.

This is a great show in the sense that it is a true story, and how the german resistance fight against one of the most powerful man in German: Adolf Hitler.

Valkyrie is a code name for an operation, where it is activated upon the assassination of the tyrant Adolf Hitler. To overthrow Germany and stop the war.

Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is the real legend, who is th only one brave enough to kill the biggest enemy of the World War. It starts in the year 1933, where Stauffenberg admired Adolf Hitler. He have served the army well, gained a beautiful wife and have four kids.

In the year somewhere in 1940s, war broke out, and he was sent to Africa to defend a post there. The german abandoned the area there, and Stauffenberg is leaving with the convoy when he was compromised, and loses his hand and eye. He have seen the bad side of the war, and begin to hate the tyrant. He came across two colonel and they have the common interest, to kill Adolf Hitler. They plan a scheme, and arranged for Stauffenberg to go near to Adolf Hitler for a reporting about the holding in Berlin. Everything went wrong because of the last minute of a change in time of the meeting. He planted a explosive, and leaves immediately after that. But something changed, as the bomb is placed by another person at different location, and exploded. Seeing that no one could survive the explosion, and the fact that Hitler’s coat is over a body on stretcher, he hurried back to Berlin, and severe all telecommunication with german, and tell the general about the news that Hitler is dead. They order the soldiers to hold Berlin, and at this time news of hitler’s death is not said, until when the government house is surrounded, the official inside asked the general for questioning. Hitler’s death is unsure, and the general reluctantly goes to meet the official in the government. The official dial the number, and called for hitler. Hitler personally talk to the general, and everything was changed. At the same time, Hitler commanded some of his soldiers to surround Berlin and execute the traitors.

Stuffenberg is very stubborn not to believe the news that hitler survives the explosion, and was executed. But although he is gone, but the man with one hand and the covered eye, shows how brave a man was, in an attempt to stop the war.

In the remake, I am sure this show will be better and brighter than the german version. It is a true story wo.

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