Monday, December 29, 2008

Mussel soups

Spring Bay Black Mussels

Yup, I got the Black lip mussels yet again for another round of cuisine: Pasta with mussels. And this round, Japanese crab meat is added in, to enhance. And also, to cook on a new dish: Mussel Soup. As mussels are a great in vitamin and minerals, I like them for their meat as well, minus the beard.

The mussels are usually grow with beards because they need to use it to hold themselves onto the rocks, so that they will not be able to be washed by the sea wave easily. And Spring Bay black mussels are so far the freshest and clean mussels available. Plus, they are still live when they reach my home. So can be sure that they are fresh.

Spring bay black mussels are sea grown, and it is very hard to get it because the person who hunt them have to dive to deep sea in order to get it. And once they are caught, they are washed clean and debeard. The beard that you see at home are usually one that have continued to grow after they are packed inside the long life package. And with the package, they are air flown to here, and thus, I find it is worthwhile for these kind of mussels. Once cooked, they are tasted very soft and chewy.

Mussel soup

This is my first second try on the mussel soup, and sadly, it failed, because it is too salty. As I was frying the mussels for the pasta, I realized that the mussels have the seawater even after I bring them out and washed with fresh water. So next round, I guess I gotta fry them without their water. Gotta make more than one dish with the mussels, so that they would stay fresh and finish up soon.

Red Alert 3

I have started playing the Red Alert 3, and I am surprised that this game runs very smooth without any stalling on the screen. Yup. The units seems a bit not realistic, but it is very smooth. There is even another commander to assist you in fighting it. The most difficult force to face would be the Japanese. Wow. They are armed with a very high technology, and one of the units is very hard to tackle with. This is because to counter attack, it would requires more than one troop to attack. As the Japanese units are interchangeable, from the aerial to ground mode. Certain ammunition cannot bring them down easily.

I am stuck in the stage where you have to assassinate the emperor. I wonder who have gone through this stage. It is because the emperor have 2 generals to protect him, and there are a lot of defenses running around. As for me, I only have another commander with me, and he is dead because the Japanese keeps on attacking him. And as for me, I was surrounded by general Naomi’s troops, that I cannot advance. How to attack wo? Is this the last stage?? If there is another stage, sure faint one.


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