Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fancl Facial washing powder


This is a new face washing powder I find it very good to use. It is called Fancl powder wash. It is a kind of acid, that you put on a sponge and then press until it become foam. In the powder form, the washing powder is very good in absorbing the dirt and oil, yet leaving the mositure intact. I tried the moisturising lotion as a sample as well, it is is quite nourishing.

Hmm... it is a $28 for a small bottle of 50 gram. and is only available in fancl outlets.

If you are going to get it, try to as the sale person to demostrate it for you, so you will get a better idea of how to use it.

New term starts

Gosh, a new term is staring soon, and I really feel kinda stress. This is because this term, there is a project going on, and I am getting late on it. and even before that, the assignments have to be complete, and there is quite a lot of work around, as there is a lot of renovation around. I really hate contractors. Some of the contractors are really very naughty. they see obstruction, they just cut cut cut, and imagine the time, when a very important wire is cut, and there is no one to admit, since there are too many contractors walking around. We have to pick the shit up and connect the wire to the nearest source. and when it become useless, Really have to lay an entire new set of wires, so that the power distribution goes along with the electrical drawings.

Red Alert 3

Yippy~! I finally got the Red Alert 3.
And it is a very cheap bargain.

It is quite expensive in the market, but as I was watching the internet, I was alerted by the Ebay, that a red alert 3 was on sale. I simply bid on it, and I won~!

At a low price, I got the game, and it is running quite well. Thanks Jacky.

I also managed to start up the account up, to sell stuff into the Ebay as well. Well, it is a good time to sell of some of my items, since they are taking up space.

But Red Alert is really great. you can play first as a soviet, and then the allied, and then, the empire of the rising sun.


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