Sunday, January 04, 2009

New hidden webpage in ORCarrier domain

New Domain

Today, I have added a new domain into the ORCarrier website. hmm.... but it is for my use, and those who studies with me.

I have thought of adding it on the web, so that next time, if I do not have any resource, at least we have another gateway to get the resource.

This is just some forms, that is required when doing printing of the forms.

However, it is hidden among three other webpage. it is not accessible to public.

Thus there are now a total of three hidden webpages in my site. Anyway, I hope this will help us greatly in event when we do not have the forms.

Spring Cleaning

I was doing some spring cleaning, just a small one, and came by the cabinet springback hinge. Wow, I actually salvaged that donkey age ago. Was always postpone it and did not managed to change it. I salvaged it from a shop, that was closed, and that springbaclk hinge are those that you see on the wooden cabinet. It is a good brand from italy. So I take my battery drill, and quickly change 18 pieces of it on my wooden cupboard. some of them actually rust off already.

Then, I came across the glass cabinet, and found a lot of australia postcards. Haha, I actually bought those postcards, to remind myself how beautiful australia is. And I frame it up on the photo frame. Hmm.... after that, I recovered two posters of new zealand that is another salvage item from somewhere. but they are all crumbled. And then, as I look around, I found my big collection of garfield. wow. I finally found it. it was hidden somewhere inside the cupboard that I never thought of searching it. I actually found it, when I was doing the change for the springback hinge.

Haigh Chocolate

After a festival of christmas, I found out from the fridge that I still have one very cute chocolate that I bought from australia. It is a dark chocolate bell shape chocolate. I bought it back, and thought of eating with someone. but then, I forgot about it, and it ended up in the fridge past christmas. Duh.

Anyway, I brought it to work, and found no one to eat with, so I eat it alone.
It is really nice, cos it is dark chocolate, and though it is a bit bitter, but the taste of the chocolate makes me really think I was in Australia. The bell inside is actually hollow. Hmm... Wonder how do that make that chocolate.

Red Alert 3 - To tame a living God

Finally, I managed to win the stage which I have been stuck for many many days. If you have been playing red alert 3, I was stuck in the stage called "To tame a living God" It takes place in mount fuji. The scenario is that you have to assisinate the emperor, because the premier demands it. so I thought, it is easy, but then after you killed the emperor, another scenario took place, and you have to combat with two japanese generals.

Together with your co-commander, coordination is very strict. Cos both enemy generals excel in defensive and attack. I was building my troops, and there they come, killing me, and my co-commander. I have to think of many strategy and uses many tactics, and of course, restarted many time. and finally, I defeat the emperor.

Oh yes! a very great sense of satisfaction. As I thought it is the end of the game, There it is, another game, where the allies are waiting to be attack. It is even harder, Oh gosh~! how to win wo. this Red Alert seems to be more into attack one. the AI all so powerful. how to win wo. hmm..... this time, it takes place in Easter Island in the stage calls "The stone-face "

This is even harder, cos in the middle of the war, the general actually turns aorund, and fight back. Wow~! how to defeat wo. and then again, I still have the co-commander, and it is really hard to coordinate the atack, cos need to really predict where the premier's troops come from in advance. and sometime, they are really smart, cos they dun venture into the trap one.


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