Wednesday, January 07, 2009

IT Language

I was trying to edit this webpage that I recently installed, and found out one thing.

Have anyone uses Microsoft publisher? I was astonished to see the way the scripts are written in the html that publish made. It is very difficult to read wo. so many words.
Just to remove one statement, I have to go through all those words, to find the point that I want. and most of the time, I have to use the "find" function to locate the statement. and even if I found it, I have to read through all the "nbsp" to ensure that there is no open function.

Is it true? gone were the days when webpages are easy to create by editing the html?

I have not come in contact with webpage editing since 2002, when I lost one of my programming code in the web. Now that I have to create a webpage which is 6 years later, I realised that the html editing has advanced so much that I find it very hard to read. Some scripts are familiar, seems no change. and one of the most interesting that I like is the java script. It can really do wonders if I can understand Java scripts.


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