Monday, January 05, 2009

One expensive breakfast.

This is one expensive breakfast I have this morning.

Swensen’s breakfast menu

This is one restaurant I know, selling English breakfast. It have bacon, Ham, Hotdog, pancakes. And I was just passing by, and thinking what to eat for breakfast, and then I got to know this swensens branch that sells breakfast, and it is opens 24/7.

I have the coupon from AXS to get one for one ice cream from swensens. So just pop by, and sit for ice cream. The pan cake is very nice, cos it is quite nicely well done. And as I sits on the outdoor, I can see the cars passing by, and occasionally, there are cars that are trying to show off their engine by throttle high when running. I think they are just wasting fuel.

Speaking about the pan cakes, it have hash brown, that is nicely done, two hotdogs, scrambled eggs, toasted tomatoes. and one jug of maple syrup. Who actually thought of the idea of using maple syrup? It is really a good combination of using maple syrup with pancakes.

As I was eating, I saw some of my colleagues walkign pass the swensens. and hmm... they dun seems to be looking around, but keep on walking. and there are some people who I dun know, was looking at the swensens. Quite a peaceful view, cos it is early in the morning, and life just starts slow.

After the pancakes, it is the ice cream, and not one, but two ice cream. Wow. Quite a lot of sugar on that day. Pity, they do not have the coffee machine ready. I was thinking of trying the Gloria Jean coffee in Swensens, to see how different are their coffee. But too bad, their coffee machines broke down on that day.

Anyway, got the bill of $22 for just one breakfast. Wow~!


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