Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Alert 3: The rising sun

This is the campaign that I am playing in. and it is Really really very difficult.
In case anyone do not know, I am playing medium level, cos I wanna feel the excitment.

And yup, I get the blow everytime. . . "Nano-tech under attack......Nano-tech lost" this is the word so often heard.

The rising sun empire uses nanotech to build the buildings, and the defender core, they only attack the ground troops. to defend the air, have to use jet tengu or air mech helicopter. As for the defender core, have to swict from ground attack to air attack. hmm.... Naval attack is also a bit difficult to comtrol, especially, when you have to build, command, plan waypoint, repair damaged vehicle, plan locatioon for nanocore, checking defense loophole, enemy path, allied commander all at the same time. somtime, have to check on the resources as well. wow, have to really multi task when using the tising sun campaign. As some units can interchange, I really have to check on which unit can attack which unit individually as well. Duh, and the Shogun executioner is really really slow. Worse still it have to survive the whole campaign. hmm....

Anyway, It is new year soon, and yet, my house is not clean yet. maybe can wait till the last minute. since I am now busy with my work......
Speaking of work, the jobs nowadays is really unlucky for me, all have to come together as it is chinese new year season, and there are a lot of stuff to repair, and to check in it. Just one bulb blown, and that's it, have to go here and there. and if there is a power failure, even worse.

Workload High

Sometime I have been thinking: am I working effecient enough, or is it I am looking for stuff to do and that's why I seems to have more work than others?

As I am now working in another place outside of my usual block, I am shifting all my HQ over. and it is a very important for me to have a complete and efficient HQ, because with it, I can have control of all the problem. and not having the need to return back and take things. Must remember to get that three pin tester when I reach office on Monday......Forgot about that for the past 1 week.


MB is really all chalked up with defects. I have been surveying it and found there are a lot of defects laying around......Is something really wrong? I was in this unit, and guess what, three window hinge broken, two window loose, one floortrap cover loose, water tap leaking, Gaps on the floor, scratches on the table, cooker hood cover loose. and the worse stuff, the door doesn't close by itself. hmm.... just one.... and twelve to go. *Faint*


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