Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Job

First day at work

Today mark the first official day at work today. What can I say? Thrill, exciting, tiring and frustrating. Maybe it is because I am adding pressure to myself. But when I go to the houses that I am in charge of, It really can make a person jump.

Due to high confidentiality, I call it MB. MB is a place there it have many houses, and we or rather, I have to do the maintenance. This time round, I do not have any helper. The only help I need is one who works in other department, and may need to check whether he is occupied or not.

In MB, most of the people living here are Japanese. And they really emphasize a lot on cleanliness, tidy, and presentation. I take this as an opportunity to hone my skills here. But in one way, I am left with nothing to spare. Most of the houses are vacant, and I am left with those that are some filled with defects waiting for me to follow up.

I was in one house, and I was shocked when the handle that I pull came off. Wow, so amazing. When I reflect this to the other guy, he was shocked too. Hmm… Smells like something is going on behind.

Anyway, think I need to keep some spare change myself too, cos now I have to handle the cash also. Because the service is paid on the spot. And I am left in the spot when I do not have a change for a $18 job, and the person gave me a hundred dollar bill.

Currently I think gotta start establishing a good working station in the office now. Because I do not like to face the wall, and also the place is vert hot hot hot. Think should built an aircon also. of course, got some stuff to tidy up. think it can keep me occupied for the next two months.


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