Monday, January 19, 2009

Mosquito season......Are you ready?


Today, we have a fogging exercise today. As a temperate climate, This is one of the best period where mozzies triumph. As a precaution, the mozzie people are here to do the fogging. It is strange, after they sprayed, I think it triggered off the alarm. And Duh. It must be one of the smoke detector that is not switched off.

Electrical wiring

My nightmare. Power troubleshooting. And this is even worse, concealed wiring, plus unknown functionality of switch, twelve wires to identify loop wire, and distance of 3 meter aparts from the incoming supply and outgoing supply. Plus. One man show. It is gonna take a while to troubleshoot these wires. So difficult one. But one thing that I am relieves of: I am working with single phase electrical system. So any wrong wiring cannot cause explosion.

Pinky lost

Oh No~ pinky is lost today. Someone grabbed pinky from me. I am so devastated. Pinky have been with me for two years perhaps. And the person who took pinky away must be a guy who take for a girl, or a girl. Cos it is a girlish bicycle. I went high and low searching for pinky with anther bicycle, but couldn’t find pinky anywhere. It have two distinguished marking. A mark of a letter E, and the back seat is sprayed pink. Anyway, pinky is rusty liao. And riding it these days are shaky. The brakes are faulty also. Hmm…. Hope the person who took pinky away lives. Hee hee hee


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