Saturday, January 31, 2009

7 become 8 become 9

Today was so fed up with some people. Until now, I still cannot find out who is it exactly.

Sometime, it is good to admit the wrongdoing, but there are a type of people who would just say the word ”Don’t know” and they got off. Hmm….

Was troubleshooting this wiring which seems to have existed since ancient time. Cause unknown, date started unknown. Just got the info, this stretch light is faulty. And it is from another person. And this stupid switch is 2 floor below from the place. And it is a one man show.

What is the use of an engineering drawing if it is inaccurate? I went through the drawing many times, and was so fed up reading it.

In the drawing, it says there are 8 lamppost, and I went out to look for those lamp post, and count it. Then realized one thing that no one pointed out. Where is the incoming? Where is the last point, where is the junction? These have been puzzling me. So I went out and count the lamp post, and found out, there is one lamp post short.

The missing lamp post

Oh gosh, a missing lamp post, and according to the drawing, it is outside a fencing, next to the earthing rod.

I went out to look for the earthing rod, because it is one thing that is above gorund and can see it. Then looking next to it, Nothing. No lamp post.

Took out a metal detector, nothing, except the earthing copper strip.

Where is the missing lamp post? I was so fed up, put the drawing back.

Then, I went down, switch on the switch one by one.

First, switch number 1, and then walk my way up, and count. The numbers are correct. And then, switch off, and switch one the other switch.

Diao liao. There are 9 lamp post light up, and it is totally different from the drawing. And then, the current is traced back to a junction box. Bingo, a junction box is found. Then, open up the junction box, 4 sets of wires.

Wrong Info

This is so stupid, cos the info is 7 lamp post. And then, the engineering drawing shows 8 lamp post, but the current show 9 lamp post. I really hate it when engineering drawing is not what the actual stuff is.

Separate the wires in the junction box one by one, and there it is, the incoming and outgoing.

After the wires are connected back, I went down a slope to see the condition of the lamp post one by one. Found the main culprit. One lamp post, with wires exposed. And this exposed wire is so much hidden, I can hardly see it. As I took it out, the rust came off. Indicates the presence of moisture. And the stupid thing is, the cover is on the floor.

After all rectification is administrated, I went back, and ask the previous in charge and everyone else, and just one word “I don’t know” Hmm….. Did uncle sam open the cover in the middle of the night?

Just wait for the next raining day, and we see how……

thank GOD for the wonderful knowledge.


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