Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Banged for the first time.

Today is one day bad experience, with a Japanese who have totally very difficulty in speaking English.
Here is how it goes.
For reader’s convenience, I write in English, so you people understand.

Me: Good Afternoon.
J san: Good Afternoon
M: I am here to change the light bulb
J: oh, you understand Japanese.
M: only a little bit. First time meeting you, hope you would guide me more
J: no problem. I am not very good in English.
M: so where is the place?
J: at the dining table
[walk to dining table]
M: this one?
J: yup, that’s the one.
M: That’ll be $XX.XX [Cannot disclose value]
J: can you repeat that?
M: That’ll be $XX.XX
J: Do I ?????????????
M: What is that?
M: I dun understand
J: [English] I dun have to pay
M: [English] Does everyone who change bulb did not ask for payment?
J: [Japanese] Yes
M:…… (Thinking: How to counter ar?)

This is where I lost in touch with his word. Hmm…. I MUST PRACTICE MORE~!

Later the matter was resolved because there is some arrangement between him and a third party, that’s why he is the first and only one do not have to pay for it.

But still, I guess I need to practice more, for tomorrow’s another important client.

Perhaps by the end of the year, I can go to……..Osaka~!


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