Friday, February 06, 2009

I hate concealed pricelist.


Today, I have blacklisted one shop in Orchard. Hmm… I have not added it in my blacklist book for a long time. The last entry is Mac in Centerpoint. Anyway, the shop is in basement 1 of the Heeren. And the reason, it have concealed price which is not suppose to be giving the establishment it is doing.

This shop sells chicken rice, prata, laksa, toast bread. Usually, this kind of establishment states their REAL price in the menu. For them, they did not include the GST in all the menu, and the work “price excludes GST” is right at the bottom in small print.

Please lor, who would look at that small little print when your pictures are so big. Furthermore, the eggs are hard, overcooked instead of half boiled egg. Think should be called 90% full boiled egg.


I went there for an evening snack, and noted the shop. So I was looking through the price, and see that the bread is alright. It is $3.90, and given the environment, it is 61% acceptable. I ordered the coconut with kaya toast set. With just $4 in my pocket, I get that, hopefully to fill up the tank a bit. Then, the amount come up to $4.15. I was puzzling about it, and confronted him why is it $4.15? He just replied that it is because the price in the menu is not inclusive of the GST. But I only have $4 wo, how to get extra money out?

I search deep in my pocket and was relieve that I got another $2.00 in my bag which is dropped inside many days back. I pay for it, and then, he called me back to collect the tea. I then went to find a seat.

Surveying the environment, I find it strange the way they play the music. It is an oriental coffeeshop, playing dance techno music. Does it sounds weird? Image playing the song of the 60s in the St James power house.

Wrong timing

After 0.89minute, the toast came. And then, that’s all……Where’s the egg? “Wait for a while sir” and I waited for the next 4.15 minute. Hey~ these kinda thing suppose to be coming together what. What am I going to do with the bread without egg?

As I waited, I see that I am the only one in the shop. And people walking up and down. There are some tourist passing by, and they look at the menu hard too, and then went in. and as you know it, when they where about to pay for it, they have some conversation as well, must be about the price again. He was quite angry and saying “But the word is so small”

Anyway, When the egg come, I crack it, it is a cooked yolk, with very little egg white. It is like 90% cooked. Both of it. Nothing to stir. Only a bit of egg white. I was so much disappointed.

As I leave, they replied” Thank you please come again” I come again? No way, you earned big big, and you will only get to my money once, and that’s all. The next time you see me, I will just simply walk pass.

Where is the shop? It is between 7-eleven and subway in the Basement 1 of The Heeren Shops.



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