Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Water Fountain correction project in MB

A pain in the eye

Yup. Today I was not in a good mood. Hmm…. Probably because I woke up late. Anyway, I was looking at this water fountain and I was so angry by the look of it.

Outside the MB, there is this water fountain that is at the concourse. Hmm…. The old system is using a centrifugal pump. And this pump actually is pumping at a certain liters per second. However, it is drawing a lot of current. Hmm… can’t exactly see how much it draws, because the name tag was rusty.

Then, because of the high energy consumption, the pump is replaced by submersible pump. And this submersible pump is pumping water at 1000L per seconds. A total reduction of ten times. And then, the water flow is slow. The water level is tilted high on the right side, and there are some gaps in the tiles. So the water feature is not very good looking. I have tried to adjust the direction of the outgoing water pipe, fill up the gap in between the tiles, and was unsuccessful to get the water straight. Hmm… this time, I suddenly thought of the formulae of the thermodynamic. In the thermodynamic, there is a formulae to calculate the flowrate required, and also the optimum hieight of the water to get an even flow. Duh, forgot all about it.

How wo? Then, I took the pump out, and found out one thing: The pump, is a 1 inch hose. And there is tight fit of a PVC pipe. So with the PVC pipe connected, the dimension of the real water carrier is actually less than 1 inch in diameter. Could be haf inch in diameter given account to the size of the PVC pipe. And the carrier of the water is a electrical flexible hose. Hmm….With the height of 1.5 meter, which the pump have to push it, there is a reverse flow of 0.14715 bar water head pressure. So the real water flow is actually lower than the 1000L per seconds as specified by the pump. In all, when the water flows out, it is actually less than 1000Liters per seconds. It is operating at apprioximate 857Liters per seconds. And with the use of the PVC pipe, the water it carried is reduced by 50%, which made it to 426.5Liters per seconds.

If the pipe size can be corrected, we may get a flow rate of 857 which is roughly between 600 to 800Liters per seconds, and probably, it can make the water level even.

With these, I proposed that the pipe size be corrected first, before implementing in the installing of another pump, which may cost as high as $200 per piece, and it have not included the cost of the electricity.

A pity because MB is a restricted place, so cannot put up any photo if there is anything regarding about MB. Anyway, Really hope that it works. Then it will be pleasing to the eye. And Ears too, if can do a great water feature.


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