Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terminator: The Sarah Cornor Chronicle Season 2


Yesterday I finally finished watching all 13 eposide of The Terminator. While some are long winded but there are hidden plots around, and sometime, John really made the wrong decision not because he is following Cameron's advise, but Riley.

Riley is a troublemaker at time, and she only saves John once, from Cormady, the T-888 who is out to kill him.

I think Cameron is the best terminator sent back, because she saves john many times, and gave him lots of advise. And as a troublemaker, Riley is actually another girl sent back by one of the resistance soldier who views cameron as a threat. When Cameron found that Riley is a threat to john's life, she tried to warn john many times, but john does not listen to her. She kills terminators, and while others are sleeping at night, Cameron sets out into the dark, to locate the rest of the terminator sent back by Skynet to keep the future away from Skynet.

As described in one eposide, Cameron is actually another advanced type of terminator, who is designed to infiltrate the resistance, and eliminate the terminators that are re-programmed to fight for the resistance. But in the end, she was captured, and reprogrammed by John to destroy the terminators that became dedicated back to skynet after some time. Even Cameron is puzzled of how terminators are returning back to normal. Cameron is later sent back, to bring Sarah, and john to a forward date, so that sarah would escaped the day when she is died of cancer, and the date when Skynet is being developed. However, as they did this, they have changed the future, and many other events have taken place that Cameron do not know of.

In the future, the human resistance have grown fear for cameron because of her model, and able to destroy a lot of terminators. John have slowly developed trust in her, and listen to her most of the time. Reese was so fearful of Cameron, and warned John "One of this days, she is going to kill you". He tried to destroy Cameron many time, but John oppose it. He later drawn a line with Reese and Sarah, with Cameron behind him.

And as for sarah, She was so obsessed with the three dots, and always tries to find out which is the company that will eventually developed Skynet AI. but while they were out searching, another company is rising up, and developing AI. Katherine Weaver, is an old model of the liquid terminator that is set to develop Skynet, and none of the reisstance managed to find her. The most silly thing is the key person who is sent back to warn john about Katherine Weaver, died before he could warn him. He left some clues, names but intend to tell john to kill then before Katherine Weaver approach them. Instead, they thought it is not important, and allowed Skynet to be created.

Now lets wait for season 3, cos it ended halfway, when the T-888 which Cameron killed falls into the hand of Katherine Weaver, and Sarah found out that the three dots is actually rhe signature of the machine "Hunter Killer", Riley dying in front of Cameron and John.


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