Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 hit combo in one slot.

Busy Day today, but I made it through

It was the most busiest day in MB today. Hmm…. Cos there is a time frame with 3 job slotted at the same time frame. Hmm. Quite busy.

I faced a new problem today. How is it that my way of scheduling is so much different from other people wo. Hmm… It was last Monday, there is a schedule out, and it is very difficult to follow. Perhaps, it is because it is other people style of scheduling. So when I take a look at it, took me 4 or 5 hours to read it, and understands it. But in the process, we missed out one, and the complaint is in. Yup. First complain wo. Haih.

Anyway, today, I was so busy, so I slot another guy in to help out for a while. It took me quite some time, to explain the routine to do it. Cos need to specify the sequence that I arranged, so that the timing will be exact and the contractor will reach there at the precise time. I was explaining so long, another stuff came. Pipe burst. Great. Pipe burst is the nightmare of all technicians. This is because it is very hard to do the cleaning up. Oh GOSH. And although the water is stopped, but the stupid pipe that came dislodged, is hidden inside the wall. And it is a sequential pipe joint all the way to the riser. Cut can, it is the connection that will be the problem. Only one way to go: CONTRACTOR. But it nis really expensive wo.

Speaking fo the same time slot, it is the 1100 to 1200 time slot.

Reading list:
Job one: Unit A: Cockroach infestation, investigate and cover all potential invading route
Job two: Unit B: Toilet to paint prior to replacement of ceiling, 3meter square area, emulsion
Job three: Unit C: Water mark on ceiling, investigate source of watermark and eradicate source.
Hmm… The most difficult is the Job 3. Which have to really climb up the concealed ceiling.

Anyway, at the end, all finished by the time frame. Wanted to go for a hearty meal, but the next job starts in 10 minutes. Wow, 10 minutes to find food, eat. Duh. Tatsukete!

One of my colleague mentioned to me one thing. When doing certain jobs, that requires payment on spot, some of them received a bit of tip from the owner one. Hmm… But I dislike the idea of taking the tip. But rather, I got a tip, that is more valuable than money itself. And that is: Knowledge. This is because sometime, after doing the things, I would ask them some tip on certain Japanese word, and well, gotta memorise them by hard. And do you know that the most common and simplest word: Thank you, exist in many form in Japanese?

Arigato, Domo Arigato, Arigato Gozaimasu, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu all exist in different form. So in certain occasion, the word Thank you, have to choose the correct form, otherwise, it would mean another thing one wo.

Ishisaki san

The very first person whom I learn the very first word in MB was from a lady, her name is Ishisaki san. She taught me the very first word in MB, that gave me the idea of checking the correct word if I am in doubt. that word is called Isogashi. Which means busy. I was in the lift, and she striked me with one sentence.

"stephen san mainichi isogashii ka."
I turned to ask "isogashii wa nani o"
"busy" she replied.

Another is an old lady which I have yet to learnt where she is from, asked me in the lift "Anata nihongo oshieru?" I first thought oshieru means teach. but later, I learned it is say. hmm.... must benkyo benkyo.

Water Pitcher

Got myself a Water Pitcher from the Tang’s sale. Wow~! I finally got it. A water filter pitcher, to filter out the water, so I do not need to boil it, and is assured that the water I drink is clean one.

It is $55 from Tangs, for a limited time only. And it also solved the problem of bringing water from home. Hee hee. I used to bring water from home, because at home, I have the water filter to filter out the water. As MB is more than ten years, the water pipeline is really questionable. Thus, I bring my own water there, until the day that I got the water pitcher.

And ever since I got the water pitcher, it is really enjoyable drinking water. And thus, no need to everytime control myself to drink only 1.5 L of water everyday. I can drink 5L a day with no problem, cos I got the filter now. Hee hee.

Thank Mr Tang for that wonderful sale.


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