Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day

14th Feb, Valentine day

What have everyone been doing?

Yup, I had it with my room air con that have not been working efficient enough. So with the help of two friend, We took out two fan coil unit in my home, and do a chemical wash for it. Hmm…. I am using Daikin system 4. The one in the living room is fine, but the other three is a gone case with all the dirt stuck in the two layer cooling coil. Then, during the dismantle, I found out that my room air con system are unlike the one I see in the workplace. They are all welded, instead of using compression joint. The daikin installer is really doing his work wo.

One of the fan coil unit was also found that the whole air con unit pipeline is behind a cupboard in the next room. Thus, this fan coil cannot be dismantle down. So have to wash it on the spot.

Valentine day. While everyone is outside celebrating it, I am at home, dismantling and washing the fan coils at home. Then for outside the condenser, a certain part of the insulation is changed, as it turns to dust with age.

Washing really reveals a lot of thick black dirt, and it took one whole day to dismantle and assemble back.

The welder is really something. He weld back the 4 joint, and then charge in the gas. At the end of the day, everything is back to normal, with cleaner fan coil. I can imagine the amount of dirt in the blower side, because just a spray of water, all the black dirt came off.

A date for the day

Then in the evening, rushes out to meet a person for dinner. Hmm…. Been planning it for a week, and luckily, I have made a booking, else, really cannot get a good place.

Everything is planned very good, view, food, location, time. But one unpredictable thing happened. The weather. Oh Duh, I really hate the haze, that came at the wrong time. It blocked out the sun set, and cannot see how the color of the sky changes as the sun sets down. And the moon, which is supposed to appear, never did, cos the haze has covered the sky. Why oh why oh?

There are a lot of flower seller on the street, but one look and it is found that some of the cheaper flowers, which are $2 or $4, are opened, and looks dried. Hmm…. Anyway, I got a special flower, which even have a cute little sticker. Quite nice de wo.

How good it would be, if time stands still at that time, and can be there for a long long time. Still, next day’s gotta work. So sianz. If we do not have to work on the next day, we might be on the street for the whole night, and catch the sun rise......Which is 21% possible because of the haze also. hmm...


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