Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Train time waiting too long.


SMRT announced that
from February last year, the
interval between trains
would be cut to 21/2
minutes during peak periods,
while the interval during
off-peak periods would be
five to eight minutes.
However, the interval
during the morning peak
period is at least three
Off-peak and weekend
waiting times can be as
long as 12 minutes.
Also, the temperature is
not low enough in about 80
per cent of trains plying the
East-West Line, and trains
can get uncomfortably
warm, especially when they
are crowded.
Could SMRT do something
about the above issues?
Mr Ng Khai Seng

Source: My paper, page A17, 10th Feb 2009


Finally, someone have brought up the issue of long waiting time on train.

I was thinking about the fully packed train in the North South line, until when I one day have an errand to run in the morning, and have to board the train in Aljunied.

IT IS A TOTALLY packed train~! With three trains totally full, passing by, and not space in sight. Worse still is a can fully packed with sardine, still have to be asked to squeeze even more. Hmm… will we end up like the japan train?

Anyway, for north south line, everytime I passes the Woodlands and Yishun, you would find some people standing outside, no wanting to board the train even when there is a few standing space.

I have to board the train, and it is quite a punishment. Have to stand all the way. and yup, the writer is right, the aircon is hot hot hot. Hmm…. I even sweat wo.

And on certain train, it is cooling. I was thinking whether have I been overcharged by taking the train that have been blowing slow air instead of cool air. Is there any refund for boarding such a train?

Some train driver too, is not very experience, by jamming the train around Ang Mo Kio. Have anyone experienced this? I am sure some of the passenger experience this. It is like when the train is travelling form yio chu kang to Angmo kio, somewhere ther,e the driver would brake abruptly, and then move and stop, move and stop. Hmm…. Saw a poor ladt who is on high heel fall on the floor, and a guy was scratched by her fingernail.

But thinking of the fine, no one was daring enough to press the Emergency call button for the train driver.

Anyway, hope there will be improvement and with more train or a better schedule. I think the east west line needs more train.


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