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Curious case of Benjamin Button

The curious Case of Benjamin Button

Hmm…. Been a long while since I went to the movie. Yup. Was in the msn, then heard about this show. As I read the synopsis, it seems like a great movie with more then 2 hours show. Hmm... was about to ask a friend along, but gone when I changed my mind, and also in a rush as the movie starts in 15 minutes time.

This is a show, a fiction, about time going backwards. It starts as a clock maker, whose son is died in the war. He constructed a clock tower with a difference. It goes backwards. And this clock, is like filled with spirit, give life to a boy. Or rather, an old man.

All people grow old, but for this baby, he is growing from old to young. And when the baby is born, he was left outside the house of one loving couple, who takes care of old folks. In the age of the war between the black and the white, it is very rare to find such couple who took in the old regardless of colors and races. They took in this baby, which is assumed to be dying of a rare disease, or could depart in a few days time. But miraculously, this old man grow younger and younger each day.

He met his first love, Daisy. Throughout the course, daisy grow older and this baby, who grew younger was Benjamin. When he is young enough, he roams the sea as a tug boat. And a tug boat, is to pull the ship into the docks, so that the ship gets repair, or set sail. He became acquaintance with the captain. They became good friend, and from there, Benjamin met a lady, and fall in love with her. When daisy knew about it, she was so lost in love, and fall for another man, but never left Benjamin.

Things changed for Benjamin when they went to war. They found the jap’s sub destroying the U.S. Navy, and rammed the whole boat and sink the sub. And the captain is lost, and Benjamin went back home. He later met his father, and took over his empire.

For daisy, she was met with an accident, and lost the use of her leg which she needed the most. She then went with Benjamin, and lead a carefree life.

After daisy was pregnant, Benjamin began to think for the long term. He will continue to grow young. And do not wish his new born child to see him. He left daisy and her child, and then went to roam around the world till he was found with no memory as a child of 8 years old.

As he grew younger and became an infant, he died in daisy’s hand. Daisy was s devastated, but she continued to live her life on.

It is very very sad in the ending, because it really is cruel to see someone whom she loves died, and taking care of him for the last 8 years of the live.

But one thing that is funny, is that in the movie, you will meet an old man who tell you his story of his encounter with the lightning. Hmmmm…. You try to count it, whether is there 7 encounters. I can only get 6.

When the clock stopped, so is daisy’s life. It is a very sad love story.

I think Benjamin is a bit stupid bah. He should have keep the button factory, and let it grow, and let daisy handle it. Or maybe he handle it. Why does he have to sell it?


Blogger Amanda Val Ng said...

haiyo this is what happens when u dont have the phone number, cant contact back last minute.

Hope u had a UOB card to reduce the cost.

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