Friday, February 20, 2009

A pipe seen inside


The next time you looks at the water supply pipeline, after reading this, you may have a different view. hmm....

Today, One of the pipe is leaking,so the new task: to cut and replace a new pipeline. And after cutting it, and taking a look.

OMG~! is that the same pipe I uses at home?? Totally unbelievable wo.
It is at this moment, I am so much relieve that I have a water filter at home. The copper have turned to oxide through years of acidic water, and become oxide. And even though the pipeline is 2.5mm thick, it still can eat through the pipe. so powerful one.

Now we allo know what makes the kettle have stain, and also, to see some fine particles when looking at a bottle of water.

If you need to drink filtered water, it is better to get a good one, because a good water, gives a better life. I also feel better having the water pitcher by Hyflux that I bought in TANG, and at home, the water is filtered straight from the tap one. so it doesn't matter how dirty the pipeline is.

Cat for adoption

As I left to buy groceries, I was walking out and caught note of one kitten picture. Wow~ it was really cute de lor. the eye is like watery, and it is only 12 weeks old.

I was thinking: ok, you are adorable, so you get a free space in one of my blog. and here it is.

It says Kitten for adoption
Female 12 weeks old
White, brown, and blac.
Active, Playful ANd independent toilet trained.
Contact Mrs Ko on 62541079

I would love to adopt such a kitten, but the thought of seeing my house angry face and the sofa, I think otherwise.

Nakai San

Today, I learnt a new word from a japanese. She is Nakai-san. She is a housewive, and while speaking and struggling for one word, she gave me an enlightment. "Wakaranai" Hey, It is really a useful word when it is very confusing of a thing that doesn't seems right loh

Wakaranai means I don't know. and it is different form Wakarimasen. Which means I don't understand.

All along, I have been using the word wakarimasen, but through Nakai san, I have discovered that wakaranai is a better word to use. And gosh, she is one of the Japanese who doesn't know english. How did people in the past communicate with her.

Oh benkyo benkyo.


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