Saturday, March 07, 2009

Heat shock Phenomenal

Heat shock

How many people in the world realize the effect of a phenomenal called Heat shock in PC?

Heat shock, is a hidden fault in all heat generating product. And one of them is PC, laptop. The smaller the windings in the laptop, the more prominent is the effect. The hotter the thing gets, it will expand up. And when the PC is off, everyone thought the wiring of the PC will contract and cool down. However, it is not true. After the PC is shutdown, cooling fans are switch off as well, and the temperature will build up continuous until the surrounding environment is hotter than the rest of the components and the wiring continues to expand further before the air convection and conduction intervene in the heat transfer process and bring the component down.

This is the reason why computers fails after some years in service especially to those who switches on and off the PC. Company servers will rarely encounter this effect because they are running 24 hours 365 days per year. And even if the server is shut down, the cooling room speed up the convection process so that the components will not be affected by heat shock.

For me, I uses a separate power supply for a fan that is blowing the heat out from the laptop. This is so that after switches off the laptop, there is still another fan to continue workind to blow the air out of the laptop before it encounters heat shock.

If you are using the open concept PC, you can put a thermometer near to the processor, and observed how the temperature rises even after you switches off the PC.


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