Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Faeces, how badly do you feel against it.


The nightmare has arrived. Pipe choked. Duh. I really hate pipe choke. And worst still, it is a faeces, and I am out of my mind doing it.

It is a chokeage alright and it is damn ridicules, because do you know what causes the chokage?

Cement. one of the tenants is flushing cements down the pipeline. And of course, it hardened, and choked the pipe. Thus, today, is an emergency repair, because it is a major choke. and if cannot clear it, the shits will just pile up. Duh. And while doing it for 45 minutes, I gave up. Just have to open up the inspection chamber, and jump down. Phew~ the smell of it, Of course, there are some buns too. hee hee. but well, dig my hand in, and feels a hardened material. We gotta take the vaccuum machine and vaccuum the water out. and this is very bad. When the things are cleared, there are some what looks like stone. As I uses the screwdriver to pierce it, it is hard, and feels like cement hardened. How did it ended up inside the pipeline?

Was digging it like crazy till the faeces splashed on my face, and hair. In the end, managed to puncture a small hole, to let the water flows till tomorrow then continue.

Well, tomorrow, it will be the pressure jet to flush the rest of it down. Haih. as for this, hmm...It really is hard work, but learnt a new tactic today.

As for wash up? luckily there is a shower room here. hee hee. So wash myself off, and send the clothing for washing. Imagine the look of the laundry man when he sees and smell the shirt that I brought in. Haih. It is a sacrifice of money, but I get to have my rest by not needing to wash it.


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