Monday, February 23, 2009

Nokia N81, You're fired.

Nokia N81

Today it finally pissed me off at the wrong time. I was out at a very troublesome unit doing checking, and halfway, I needed to call back to report the finding. And it finally draw it's last straw. when I needed it the most, the phone tried to play games with me by not allowing me to dial up. and the button go haywire. This have been happening often, but today, it is different. It faces the worst part of me.

I was so furious, I smash the phone on the floor, because it really made me fed up of it. But it is a good phone when it comes to storage because it is a N81, 8GB phone.

The case is broken, the sliding phone become four pieces. Even the tenant is very shocked at my reaction. Was really out of patient loh. then, for the rest of the day, there is no phone for me to use. As for the pieces, I get back the Sim card and throw the rest of the parts away, because it is totally unusable. Darn stupid phone.

Oh well, it is time to change a new phone. And duh, all my ring tones, all my recordings, all my photos all gone. Now, it is back to the standby phone. Nokia 6233 until I can get the new handphone.

Well, life's can't do without it now in this world.


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