Monday, March 02, 2009

Handphone trade off

Today, I got rid of my Nokia N81 now.
Well, it was trade off, because it made me very fed up last time, by playing games by not allowing me to call out when I need the most.

The New HP is a Phone made in china, called Chang Jiang A318. Hmm... It have the function of mediaq player, which I needed, the bluetooth function, and it have TV and radio without the need to plug in the earphone as required by the Nokia HP.

The only problem is that is sometime is hard to navigate around, and the SMS ringtone is limited hmm....

Anyway, Today went home, and found one thing that I feared the most. The dogs shits all over the place, and made the whole room stink. Oh gosh, It was so unbearable.

The new HP is really great, because the speaker is awesome. and now with a touch screen HP, the phone cannot be put in the pocket now. cos scared that the thing that is in my pocket can damage the screen. cos the screen is a touchscreen one. hmm....


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