Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Today got the result back. hmm.... Quite relieve, cos the doctor said after studying it with another heart surgeon, there is nothing wrong.

The only fact is there are some patches in the lung areas, which they do not know what is it. Anyway, it is a good health. Yippy~! So the kill for KFC is starting soon. Will be massacre all of them tomorrow onwards bah.

So it means I can eat whatever I want. My only night mare is that I cannot eat chicken. hmm... dead chicken, of course, not live one.

Rainy day

Real rain and cooling today. hmm... simply love it. wish to have a warm cup of hot chocolate, and a music of jazz.... and with a sofa and arm ambient, so shiok......Day dreaming in work.

But if I were to choose a drink, it would be hot chocolate, cos it is warm, and I loves chocolate. Too bad, I din get to drink too often, cos of the heaty effect.


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