Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heart broken

Three hit combo, but not in the same time slot

Today I got it again, three hit. And this is very stupid one. All because of one person’s delay, jeopardize my whole work schedule. But the person apologized again and again, that I just let it go.

Anyway, I learnt one thing today. Never ever trust the power supply that is inside a light fitting. Got a terrible, and made the company making a loss of $42 because of it. Was changing the light, and found out that the light never seems to light up. Thinking something is wrong, I changed the parts bit by bit. And in the end, I made the last resort decision, I take out the whole light fitting, that the owner was very shocked. Hee hee. Brought it down, and assembled the parts that I took down back, and it Work~! Why huh? I keep on thinking over it. Then, suddenly, I just remembered that one of the joint was black in colour. Oh great. It is a arced connector. Haih.


Arced connectors are a source of many power tripping problem. They are something that never conduct electricity effectively, and currents may jump over a very thin layer of air if there is no firm grip. Thereby, creating a electrical spark called arcing. Arcing are a potential fire hazard. When it is in a fire redundant environment, arcing will create a black waste called char. The char is a useless stuff, and as the char built up, the copper material will become thinner and thinner, and then, when the distant layer air has increased, it will no longer conduct electricity, or it will conduct electricity at irregular interval. Thus, that explains why sometime, you can see lights on and sometime it off for no apparent reason, and then it turn on again for no apparent reason, even though you have changed the light tube over and over.

Anyway, as I leave the place, I was caught up with so many thing, one bulb dropped. Bish, I have to sweep it up, and thank you Jesus, the owner is a nice lady and they have the habit of wearing slipper around the house. And then, when fixing back after troubleshooting, another light tube dropped. Bish~. I lay the last two light tube on the floor, and as I come down from the ladder, stepped on the other light tube. DUH~! Sweep three times today.

Later have to return to the job that I have left, and it is very typical type of contractor. They just do, and never do the cleaning up. Lucky I come up straight, and clean it up before the owner sees it. Hmm….

Chest pain?

What brought my days down is got a small chest pain today in the morning. Was so frightful, that I went to see the doctor. The doctor after listening through his earphone, told me to take ECG. What is ECG wo? Hmm…. Anyway, I went to take it, just lie down, and stick some stuff over the body, and wait. The nurse is very puzzled, and keep saying “how come ar” I was so curious. I ask her, but she says I should ask the doctor later. And then, after taking the ECG, there is a word on my waiting list “urgent”. Huh? Urgent?

When it is my turn to go in, the doctor take a look, and flip many pieces of it, and then ask many questions. And after that, he said I have a very irregular heartbeat, and the rhythm is not synchronized. Sometime fast, sometime slow. Told me to take an X ray and return tomorrow. Oh gosh. Something wrong with me? Haih. Maybe cos I was heart broken many time, that’s why now the heart problem bah. Hmm….Hope everything turns out alright tomorrow. 

Maybe I was working too hard.


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