Sunday, March 01, 2009

End of the ECM

No more ECM

Today marks the end of the ECM, Energy conservation management.
One of the most difficult subject with lots of working formula and decimals.

Hmm... was so disappointed with the pipeline conduction, cos it is a very simple question, but because the most of the results did not convert from mm to M, most ofthe mark is gone. The funny part is although when doing the costing, and found out something is wrong, but do not know which part actually went wrong.

The next is the baseload and heat factor. Duh. Mind went totally blank, why why I always cannot remember the formulas and the method to do it in this question wo?

Finger cut

Yeah. Finger got a big and deep cut today, because out of sudden, forgot about the temperature and went to touch the wrong thing.

Was in a coldroom, attempting to change a light bulb. and this stupid light bulb, the whole fitting itself is the bulb, and not the screw type. that means, this light bulb is not suppose to turn one. instead, it should be removed with the whole assemble. I went and hold the bulb, and guess what, the cold temperature has made the bulb highly brittle, and it cracked and broke into pieces as I try to turn. One large piece of glass cut deep into the finger, and even after cut, got elecctrocuted a bit by the filament inside the glass. Anyway, in this line of work, I got used to it, and a short electrocution doesn't hurt a bit. Got a day MC, and I should have take two as the doctor advise. But there are some stuff to do, so asked the doctor to give one day insted of two.

Anyway, really sees the fact that blood flows like river. and it is unstoppable one. hmm.... took more than a day with three replacement of the dressing to stop it.

Elmo and Twinkle

When I was electrocuted, one thing quickly fall into mind: Who is going to take care of Elmo and Twinkle wo. hmm.... They are actually here for a 5 days stay, cos their owner went for holiday. Woo hoo, two little doggie to play with. Or rather, smell then and watch over them. Hmm... how does the owner managed to take care of them wo?

I gotta bring Mr Elmo out, cos he likes to pee. and peeing in the house is not allowed wo. As for twinkle. hmm.... does she not need to poo?

Raining day

Yup, a huge huge rain today. hmm... luckily I am well covered. but it is really a huge rain today. Even the fountain is overflow with the water as the overflow pipe is not fast enough to drain off the excess water.


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