Friday, March 06, 2009

Kaerimasu Vs Kawaimasu

Today, I met a Japanese, and she enlightented me on one japanese words Kaerimasu. For a long time, I have been wondering the difference of Kaerimasu and Kawaimasu, cos they have the same meaning.

Thank you, Goto san.

I was in one unit, and after doing work, I asked Goto san about the question. She is a very nice lady, and is from Tokyo, the City of Japan. She is one of the japanese who is fluent in english, and I was so happy that I can communicate a bit to her in english. After some examples and talks, I found out that Kaerimasu and Kawaimasu has the same meaning. But, they are used for different ways.

Kaerimasu, is the word used for noun, thing, object. Whereas Kawaimasu, is used in people, and most widely used in telephone. and it is formed into the 'te' form.

Kaerimasu is a converted form of 'imasu' from kaeru. so these are the different.

I assessed my japanese level, and found out that my standard is only primary one standard. Wow, so low wo. haih. Benkyo benkyo

Tonkotsu Chanko

New target. Chanko.

Chanko is a hot pot traditionally eaten by Sumo wrestler. It is full of fat and energy. And can you imagine eating something fat for everyday? You sure will become like Sumo. haha. Speaking fo Sumo, it reminds me of Yokozuna. The famous Sumo who entered the World Wrestling Federation in the US.

Anyway, I learnt that one place in Raffles Quay serve this dish, tonkotsu chanko. yum yum. a new delicacy from Japan perhaps. Will be going for it next round. According to the reception, a hot pot of tonkotsu Chanko is $40 for two people. Yum yum.

And if possible after that, There is a restaurant also selling the famous shell, Sazae. It is a spiral shell, and is a very tasty delicacy. I used to go look for it, and found it in a shop in Ginza plaza. but then, after some time, found out that MArketplace also sells Sazae. Goto san is also quite familiar with sazae.

Expense check

I was checking my expense for this month, and found that it is 67% overbudget. hmm... This is because the PC show is coming, and I will be buying external hard drive on that day. plus, a razor mantis mouse pad. hmm.... This is for my Master PC. cos ther eis no mouse pad. and sometime, the accuracy is not right sometime.


Then, the next will be the bills. bills bills bills. the neverending bills. Got a powertune installed, so will be using less energy. and this time, I learnt that the Power saving device should be fixed closer to the Main distribution board. On finding out about it, I tap a powerpoint direct out to beside the Main distribution board. hee hee. close enough le bah. And it is governing the many power eating devices, such as water heater, fridge and TV. Hmm.... just a simply wiring bah.


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