Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tiger Airway experience

No good performance, SOLD~!

Today, after 3 days of using the phone, I sold off the newly bought china phone, Chang Jiang A318.

Well, back to the backup phone until I gt a new phone. The Chang Jiang A318 is good, but it is not user friendly. Such as the Music player, All the songs have to drag to the root directory before it can play. And If I am bored of listening to one album, I have to move the files ONE BY ONE. There is no way to mark the items and move them together.

Secondly, It can only read 27 members of the namelist in the Sim Card. Thus, I do not have the record of the rest of the 266 member in my name list.

Thirdly, the TV reception is not so good. picture is small and difficult to see. And the best part is that the phone sometime cannot read the sim card, and it can drop line out of the sudden. Well, I get it sold off fast, since I am not going to use this. It is such a disappointment. Maybe I should stick to Nokia. Hmm.... hope the next phone have GPS.

Medical Review

Today went to the clinic to remove the bandage, for another round of looking at it. Hmm... It have healed, and is still on the way. hope it can be heal faster, probably by the end of next sunda. This is because I may go for the manicure to treat the nails.

Tiger Airway, really suck money like tiger

My mum was back from the vietnam trip, and she was nagging at how bad the service of the Toiger airway was. hmm.... I dod not managed to get it on, so not know the detail from it, but these are her expereince.

The flight was booked on a morning flight, and then, when they reached the airport at 0700, the desk sacastic saying "Are you sure it is Tiger airway? Tiger airway doesn't serve flights to vietnam in the morning one." and then they were assigned to an afternoon flight. There are a lot of other passengers getting shocked. And the stupid part is that the travelling group is 6 member team, and earlier, when booking it, the telephone operator saying that the seats are free seating, so if want to get a seat to choose from, they should add an additional of $10 per person. Seeing that if there is not booked seat, everyone have to rush to the airport early, and thus, they paid the $60 to get a booked seat, which is on a MORNING flight.

When they found out the flight is in the afternoon, the booked seats becomes invalid, and they are to pay another $10 per person if they were to get a booked seat. WHAT A RIDICULOUS REMARK~! So if that is the case, one, the tiger airway failed to inform my mum that they don't serve morning flight, but still assign seats in the morning plane. and two, the booked seats become invalid if the flight is changed into the afternoon flight, and have to fork out another $10 for booked seat.

And when my mum is eating with the tour group in the afternnon, the tiger airway staff came looking for the passenger of the flight, and comment that the airplane is going to take off, and urge everyone to get on the plane quick. A sudden change of timing, when they were about to take the lunch. And she says that in the plane, the airplane have a lot of problem, and did not manage to take off. While checking for the fault, they switched off the air conditioning, and it is a very hot day, and thus, everyone were sweating like tap water. Some couples are very fed up of it, and voiced out to the attendant. but the attendant merely advise the people to remain seat. It really takes a long time before the airplane is able to take off. and in the end, when the plane reached vietnam, it is already night, and a WHOLE DAY IS WASTED BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TIGER AIRWAY. When I heard it, I totally cannot believe it.

On the return flight, it is a very stupid excuse from the check in counter again. The initial paid ticket is for seven people, and then, there were actually 6 people going for the trip, and the one who did not managed to made it, give the extra ticket to no one. so it is 6 people travelling at the expense of 7 people. When checking the luggage, Everyone is entitled to check in 15KG luggage each. so if there are 7 paid ticket, there should be able to check in a total of 105KG in total.Right?

Well, as there are 6 people going and there is 100KG total on a paid ticket of 7 people, but the reception said that Luggages cannot be checked in this way. If there are 6 people, even if they buy 20 ticket, they can only check in 90KG of luggage." What common sense is this wo?? The 90 KG is because they see only 6 people. The check in attendant reply that if the person is not going, they should have change the name on the ticket. And when asking the attendant to change the name, the attendant mention this: "If you want to change the name, you should go back to the Tiger Airway office in Singapore and change the name, then you can carry 105KG in total" The most ridiculous answer wo. That means they ahve to go back to SG and then come back to vietnam, and then can check in 100KG luggage?

When returning flight the airplane got the problem taking off again, and everyone were made to delay. And when the airplan touch down, the captain was saying "Thank you very much for travelling with us, and we hope to see you again." On hearing this, one of the passengers shouted," I will never want to see you again!" Then my mum was saying in future, she will never want to travel on the tiger airway ever again.

After hearing this, I am very astonished that such service exist in tiger airway one. Feeling very disappointed. Ok, and now, the . . . . .


Blacklisted, Tiger Airway. Will not travel on tiger airway after hearing the experience of my mum on this flight. Luckily I was not in the group because of the big exam, and the fact that someone have to stay here and take care of the doggies. THANK YOU~!


Today, I got an email notice from a friend, Amory Dixon. hmm... it have been a long long time since I hear from him afer his daily bread was cut off for a long time. When the hotmail prompted me for a email address that is not in the list, I caught hold of the name else it might be gone forever.

Looks like Amory is still doing fine. GOD bless you, my brother.


Blogger Amanda Val Ng said...

So scary... esp since I would be traveling alone, i better give Tiger Airways a miss...

Shall take the very safe, secure and convenient but expensive transport, aka the SMRT train to Pulau Hantu this saturday :D

11:03 AM  

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