Monday, March 16, 2009

IT show 2009

IT Show 2009

Yup, it is that day of the event. IT show 2009. And this is getting more and more crowded and popular in Suntec City.

It have a lot of cheap IT equipments going on sale. Most of them in the town now is the Netbook, and the laptop. Hmm…. I think the most cheapest there is the Compaq desktop. But I would prefer for the netbook. And came to think of it, if I were to get a netbook, I may consider Acer or Sony. The sony is really small, but you have to fork out extra $1000 for the lightweigh and smallest size. That is with the sacrifice of the DVD rom. There are the standard 3 USB ports for netbook. I guess it is not enough. Cos one for mouse, one for the laptop cooler and one for the external DVD rom, it may not be enough for extra thumbdrive.

Power saver

One of the most annoying is the power saver in the exhibition. Have anyone went to the 6th floor power saver called Mini Sun? wow, it is already crowded, and the sale there just approach anyone and tell them the feature of the power saver and pull them to the counter and demonstrate it. And I bet the most astonished part would be the price. As they are into the sales, when I asked them about the phenomenal of the electricity meter fluctuation up and down during using, they do not know a single thing about it. Hmm…. But anyway, doesn’t that action refers to touting? They really is out to get the customer one. As for me, I did not get one of them, cos I already have one at home. And It is more easier to install than theirs, which have to find a spot to place the device. It is called power-tune. Hmm…. Maybe one day I should load it up.

Power saving device works by storing and releasing electricity charges, and stop the surge, which is considered unusable by the electrical equipment. Try this on, you put the multi meter on the powerpoint, does it gived you the value of 235.0 and stays there? You may see that it keeps jumping on the numbers? Power saving device is a device that stabilize the power voltage so that all the power that you purchased is spend to the every last milli ampere.

New MP5 player

From the IT show, I got three stuff, external hard drive, Norton 360 and a keyboard.
The external hard drive is great for storing the data, cos the old external hard drive is almost full. I am trying to keep the internal hard drive free, so that it would be faster. As for the Norton 360, yup, as expected last year, the Norton internet security is expired, so since there is a promotion, I might as well get a Norton 360, so now, it is a bit upgraded. Quite a good bargain, cos it is $84 for three Pcs. With two PC of my own, the extra one license is sold to elmo’s owner so that she can use it.

I actually intended to get a Razor mousepad one, cos I do not have a mouse pad for one of the most important PC at home. And playing games requires precision control so that I can play it accurately. The razor keyboard is really a killing, cos it cost $129 in the IT show. After considering it, I get a mouse pad instead. A Razor mouse pad. As I was about the make purchase, one down turn happened. Can only pay by Cash, not by electronic means. Oh no, that mouse pad cost $28. And I only have $1. Sadly, I did not buy the mouse pad in the end. Later while scouting around, found another corner selling mouse pad too. I went and found out that it have a Promo of buying one keyboard and get a free mouse pad. There mouse pad is also a near precision, and I feel it is great. Maybe I can use the keyboard and replace my laptop keyboard. Got it at $79 for the keyboard and then, got a free mouse pad. Such killing.

As I was walking through, caught sight of a new gadget. A Mp5 player. Wow, it is really a huge screen, and it is all digital. Got it quite cheap It can store movie files and plays it while on the Go. Quite a useful stuff for me, especially the HP ipaq is faulty now. It is less than a hundred dollar for it. And the best part is the memory is expandable. So tried it and find it great. And there are a lot of Indians going for such player. Some of them go for the phone there too. And guess what, it is also selling the HP that I owned it some days ago, the Chang Jiang A380.

Went on both Saturday and Sunday one, cos Saturday have to work, so did not manage to get enough time to walk all through. On Sunday, the 4th floor is really really packed. As it is reported by the news, it really is a fully packed on Sunday one.


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