Monday, March 23, 2009

Fifth day of Aircon work

23rd March 2009

Today is one of the D day. Got an email confirming the time for the repair work in one unit. And it is an occupied unit. It have been stuck for 4 days, and we are going for the fifth day. Why oh why wo?

It is all due to this small incident about aircon leaking that start the ball rolling, and now it ended up with one aircon not cold. 7 of the aircon technicians cannot find the problem. Change this, change that, but the problem never found. I wish to advise them, but telling them might make them unhappy because I am not a certified trained aircon technician.

Expansion Valve

I have been studying the process, and located the problem in the aircon’s expansion valve, but it is only a prediction and if I were to tell them this, and they change the part, and still do not solve the problem, I might be in for a mess too. So the only thing that I can do during those time, is to watch only. Today they are going to change the whole aircon. If it is really the fault in the expansion valve, I thinking changing the whole FCU will definitely solve the entire problem, because the expansion valve is in the FCU.

Hopefully, it is the last time today for that aircon. The resident is getting very impatient.


Hmm… caught sight one this remark, “Brisbane, Queensland, Australia arrived ….” Brisbane…It is a place where one of my friend like to visit. Say it is a peaceful town. And I love that kinda place, provided it must have a beautiful beach loh. I love the beaches. Can sit down and watch the sun goes down. If only there is someone who watch with me at that time. . . . When I was in Melbourne, found that Brisbane is 60 KM away from Rialto Observation Tower. Well, not in the sight range, but at that moment, I was thinking whether should I go to Brisbane or not. Too bad, I can’t drop off everything and go there. Will be stuck in Australia if I do that.

How does it look like? My friend was describing it so nice about the environment so well, I was so tempted to go. But too bad, Melbourne is the prime objective at that time, so did not drop off at Brisbane.


What makes me goes to Melbourne is because of one description from my cousin, who stays in Melbourne for a short period. He was describing how to get to certain places, price and environment. It is a pity we did not discuss it further because he is quite busy. Thus, I was lost when I first touch down in Southern Cross Railway station. I reached there by rail from Adelaide.

Melbourne is a very nice place, because it is a city, and there are a lot of attraction to play in. Went to quite a few places like Gaol Museum, Rialto Observation Tower, Euraka Tower, Melbourne Central. So much places. Only regrets? Did not managed to go to Victoria Market, and did not buy that monkey that can sing and move. So funny one. Wow, really regret I did not buy that monkey. It is not found in SG one wo.


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