Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

Yup, it is proven and confirmed.

The previous days of sleepless night is due to the effect of the sun screen that I used.

Sun Screen

The sun screen is used to block out the sun ray’s UV because it can damage the skin under long exposure. This is especially useful when I am doing work on the roof top, especially so, because there have been many cases of roof leaking. Well, they are solved one by one but the fact that the root of the problem is never solved, nowadays have to just trace and find where is the source of penetration.

Anyway, gotta finish up using that sun screen then.

Fancl mild cleansing oil

I was introduced to the Mild cleansing oil by Rachel of the Fancl in Jurong Point the other day before, and after trying it out, I guess I had a good night sleep. Is it because of the real fact that the sun screen remains on my skin and not washed off with the use of only cleaning powder? Or maybe I was really dead beat wo. But anyway, it feel good nowadays maybe cos the sun screen is completely cleaned all thanks to the Fancl Cleansing oil.

Fancl product

The good thing and special about fancl is that they do not use preservative. Because petroleum and mineral oils are harmful to the skin. Can you imagine the feeling of rubbing petrol on your face?

They are also striving to improve on the product so that there are better safer health product.

I was wondering how good it would be, if Fancl have a facial shop in Sg, and then, most of the thing is using the fancl product. I might be the first in the queue.


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