Saturday, March 21, 2009

Japan Vs Australia

Australia Vs Japan

Hmm… Was having this dream yesterday night, and wake up, suddenly thought of two people’s comment on Japan. Duh~ But it is good to go oversea with another person, else end up like the Melbourne trip last year...

My Dream

I was having this dream that I was in Japan with a friend. And we were actually having fun, and then, woke up and find the clock near to 12. Why wo. Why is this biological time always wake me up at 12 de. And it is a very sweet dream then. After waking up, I remembered two Japanese conversation with Ishisaki san and Goto san few weeks back. They were introducing me to the japan’s town, and what to look out for. Basically, my three target is Osaka, Hokkaido and Tokyo, but then after tasting Hakata Ramen, I am thinking of Hakata. And Goto san was telling me that if I do not like a fast pace environment, I should give Tokyo a slip, cos Tokyo is a very busy place and everything is expensive unless there is a local to guide around to the cheap places. So I ask Goto san will she be back in Tokyo by year end, but she have no definite answer. Thus, I think I better give Tokyo a slip.

SK in Narita

While on the facebook, caught sight of one more photo. Wow, one of my friend is in Narita for a trip. And it really looks beautiful. So Beautiful I wish I will be there tomorrow. Haih. Why am I stuck here. Again. It beats me to wonder, should I go ahead with the Australia trip this year? Or change it to Japan? Hmm…. If I was in Japan, bring me to Hokkaido or Osaka first. In Osaka, might be able to meet up with none other than the famous. Razor Ramon. Or even best, Ayumi~! Thus, Australia is still not confirmed trip, cos of one circumstance. If not going to Australia, I will and WILL definitely go to Japan, and probably meet up with some client there if they are back in Japan. If I were to go to Australia, I wanted to taste more oysters~! And another round of Ned Kelly Retreat. Definitely to see the place again, Oyster shop…. If save enough, maybe can go for combo trip. To Australia, and then to Japan. Hmm… Hope by that time, my Japanese language is capable enough to guide me. Yesterday’s conversation with Sawazaki san have really questioned my Japanese language really hard. Met Sawazaki san along a corridor and she has a question about her room. And I find it hard to answer back because the problem is something new, and it doesn’t appear in my vocabulary. In the end, have to reply most of the answer in Katakana. Duh. And she is not familiar with a lot of katakana too. So a bit about the duck and chicken talk.

Newton Food Center

Have anyone caught note of this big news in town now? Wow, I really think the American is now having his last laugh now, Good Job Mate~


It is really a disgrace and shame of what the food hawker did, and I believe it is not an isolated case. Newton Food Center is one of the shop in my “Stephen’s list of black listed shop”. All because of the environment, price, and I have stopped putting my foot in after my mum and I were overcharged for the food there. They are a very shameful act.

How it comes about

It goes that this Singaporean was bringing his American friend to Newton Food center, and wanted to show him some of the local dish. And they were quickly greeted by the food paddler there, and was persuaded to sit at a shop. And that shop, have reserved seats for them, and take their order. After the food, the American and Singaporean was charged with $491 meal for just seafood and drinks. And the reason of the high price: 8 tiger prawns for $239. What is that tiger prawn wo~! The Singaporean is not happy about it, and reason with the owner. And the owner called up his team of paddler and surrounded them. Seeing the big group, they paid for the food to avoid any case. And this is where the bomb ticks. The owner should have checked his price again and open for negoiation. And the customer is really good in not calling the police. Because if they called the police, it will be an isolated case, and we will never hear about it in the news.

The power of Media

After paying for the food, the Singaporean made calls and write to the newspaper of the bad reputation about it. They have the receipt as proof, and the News media when reporting it on the Tv, asked for people to share their piece of pie. And there you have it, a lot people stand up, and the Singapore Tourist Board is really jumping into it with the National Environment Agency. The news is now over Singapore about how shameful Newton Food Center is, and I am really glad that the Singaporean stand up to it. This is because this bad reputation can put Singapore’s name on the line.

Tanglin Seafood

The stall that is involved was ordered by the NEA to shut down for three month, and one of the worker was stopped work for a year because of his attitude. So there, for $491, you afflicted a loss of 3 month’s income. I really appreciate of what that Singaporean did. It really topple everything by just one call and one letter. So you see, the Pen is truly mightier than the sword.

My personnel experience

I have been to Newton Food center some years back with my mum, to taste the food there and to try the experience. And yup, the food paddling is really like what it was mentioned. When we went to an empty seat, the food stall worker told us a big group is coming, and they reserved the seats and some others also. And we were left to sit outside with no shelter, and with flies around one. We ordered the chicken wing, sting ray fish, and drinks and other food. The food is tasted normal, but it is highly priced. After that incident, because it involves more than 2 stalls, I blacklisted the entire food center instead of only one shop. And never stepped into Newton Food Center again. I know, one day the news gonna blow. And that’s it, no one knew that Singaporean is one unsatisfied customer who will pay now, talk later.

Thanks Mate. Appreciated

More info about the good and bad reputation of Newton Food center, Got to:


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