Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trip to Jurong Point

Joo Koon

I was on the train, and suddenly, think of one idea. Hmm…. I have not been to the Joo Koon before wo. Is it good? So I take a ride down to Joo Koon, to take a look at the last two train station that has just recently opened. Really darn Ulu de loh, got so many factory, since it is industrial area.

Boon Lay

As I pass by Boon Lay, WOW~! Jurong point really have grown very huge wo~! I have not been there for a long time, and Jurong point actually expand out, and merge with the bus interchange. I quickly alight, to go inside and take a look at it.

So huge one, and on top of Jurong point, it is a residential apartment also. How much is it wo? I wanna buy a penthouse there~!

When can I get to buy a penthouse there? Hmm…. Anyway, I was taking a walk inside to see how is the environment like. Hmm… really is very big big one. But then, there are some isolated corners, that people seldom go in one. So weird.

The basement one is one food heaven with a lot of restaurant. And At a certain corner, it is a town like Osaka, with a lot of Japanese restaurant like Ichiban, and a restaurant like shokudo also. Well, I tried one food that I have always half crave for it. Tonkotsu Char siew ramen. Hmm… It have tonkotsu, although not the same like tonkotsu chanko, but it have the same soup base tonkotsu.

Tonkotsu Soup

This restaurant really serve a thick tonkotsu soup, because they comment it is cooked for long hours. Hmm… Anyway, I still crave for Tonkotsu Chanko. Chanko chanko, where are you? Doko ka.

The ramen is according to Osaka cooking, but it seems to be the hakata ramen method of cooking. Cos you know, Osaka Ramen have kimchi and garlic. Whereas hakata is cooked tonkotsu. OH YEAH~! Kimchi is one food that I do not favor. So Osaka ramen is not for me. Then again, I wonder does the people inside know that the ramen they are cooking is actually according to hakata instead of Osaka? And yup, Hakata ramen, is second to none, do you know that?

And the best Japanese Ramen, is none other than Sapporo Ramen. Yum Yum. The legendary miso ramen, that have aka miso that is rich. And well, I personally do not like miso, cos it is salty de lor. So I would still choose the Hakata Ramen. Yum yum


The ramen comes with a half boiled egg, Ramen and veggie, and of course, the tonkotsu soup. And after that, I hop over to the shop opposite to see the Kuriya seafood market. Ootoro~! They have Ootoro. Hmm…. Ootoro is the most valued piece of fish sashimi. It is actually the Tuna tummy, and it is soft and tender. Duh. Did not get it, but I got one stuff that I have not yet found it anywhere else. And it is the Salmon Skin. Hmm…. Not many people know that salmon skin is actually edible one. Except the chef must scale the fish first. Else not nice. I do not like to eat fish that have scales. Hmm…. The salmon skin can cook soup, and fried rice or maybe, grill it. And with the hot stone also can. And after grilling, I can recover the fish oil, and use it for cooking too. Hmm…. And one part of the skin is near to the salmon tummy, so it is actually consider to be part of the tummy too. And the sushi chef really is smart to make every last piece count.


After that, just walked a bit through and came across another shop of interest. Fancl. Hmm…. Went in to take a check on the skin, cos just curious. I was greeted by Rachel, the sales there. And she is quite friendly and offered some advise. Got the skin checked and after some discussion, I suspect one of the factor that might cause me to have sleeping problem, might be the sun screen that I am using. And after the checking, she mentioned that the sunscreen is one thing that doesn’t come off after the cleansing. Cos sun screen is like a layer of oil, have to wash many time then can get rid of it. And then she showed me the Makeup remover called Mild cleansing Oil. It is used to clear off the makeup on the skin, and demo a part on the hand. And it really did come off. Both hand put sunscreen, one hand wash with the washing powder as what I did, and another washed with the cleansing oil. It appears that the cleansing oil wash off the sun screen better. Hmm…. Hope to try it soon and confirm whether is it because of the sun screen that causes me sleepless night.

As you know, Fancl is the one of the cosmetic that doesn’t use preservatives in the product because it can harm the skin one. So I uses washing powder after that, because it really is nice feeling. Only that since I uses sun screen, it seems to be oily everyday. Hope can get rid of it soon then can have peaceful sleep. Fancl seems to believe that good news are to be spread form mouth to mouth, so that is probably why you seldom see fancl promotion on anywhere. And it is good marketing strategy. Or is it probably most of the advertising are in Japan? Hmm….


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