Friday, March 20, 2009

Aircraft Light

Air craft Light

How many people have ever wondered, what are the red lights on top of building used for? The red light that is on at night, and then in the morning, it is gone.

These are aircraft warning light which serves as a very important function in warning aircraft that flies low or out of control to know where the building are. Especially for the highest tower, it will be accompanied with flashing light to go with it.

In here, all buildings have to ensure that the aircraft warning light is switched on at night, and periodic checks are done to ensure they are in working condition. Otherwise, a big fine would be imposed on violation.

I was in the roof top checking on it, and found out it is not working by timer, but rather, it is by light sensor. It will switch on when it gets dark, and then, switch off when it is a clear sky. So innovative. And testing it found that both bulb are blown off. How come wo? Went to change the bulb, and it is quite easy to change one.

It is another sunny and hot day.


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