Sunday, March 22, 2009

Smoke detector activated at home

Fire Extinguisher ay homeSmoke detector

Today the smoke detector activated. Hmm…. So it is working loh. But it is a very clumsy of me, cos I was doing the fish steaming, and then went back to do some PC stuff. Then as I was eating and suddenly there is a loud beeping sound.

I got my lazy butt out of the chair and found the whole kitchen is in smoke. Oh no~! the wok is dry and black steam coming out. Gotta quickly turn off the gas and spray water in it. And there goes my fish along with it.

Lucky at home got smoke detector for someone forgetful as me. The smoke detector is although a bit expensive, but it is running on battery and can last a long time. Think this is the second time it is activated. The first time is also the same, but it is my mum who left the wok on. At that time she does not knowhow to turn it off. Hee hee.

Anyway, smoke detector are best installed around the kitchen, because kitchen is most vulnerable to fire. Else the smoke will be all over the house. And also, the fire extinguisher should be best kept in the bed room. Cos the bed room is where people mostly sleep, and it is more convenient located if woke up from sleep.

Fire Extinguisher

My family think I am a bit kiasu, got Smoke detector, for Fire extinguisher around the house. But fire is always unpredictable de lor. So goes the Chinese saying, feed the soldier for a thousand days, use it in a moment. That extinguisher is a 2.5KG, enough to put out a small fire. I tried a 9kg fire extinguisher before and it can really spray for a long time before it got empty. Just a second of spray can spread a huge cloud of white powder, deprive the fire of fuel to burn.

Among the fire triangle of heat, fuel and oxygen, the most easiest part to control is the fuel. So the white powder is to create a barrier between the fuel and the other two, it can stop a fire.

Lovely Day

It is a lovely day today, wish to go out to cycle. Been a long time since I use the other bicycle. And this weather is really a great time to go cycling. Why why so many stuff to do. So much things to do, yet so little time.

Would I be out cycling now if I do not have any courses at hand?


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