Sunday, March 22, 2009

One follow another...

One assignment down……

Phew, yesterday and today, was staying at home to rush on the assignment for this design stuff.

Hmm… I was mixing paint yesterday, and well, made a big big mistakes, but I learnt one thing. Fluorscent paint are not opaque. They are a bit of transparent, and does not cover cracks. They requires a base coat to work well.

I got to realize it when I sprayed the second layer and then, test it on a piece of glass. I was so astonished that the fluorescent paint that I got is not opaque type. Anyway, it is my first time to use fluorescent paint, because this paint have a mixture of two colours. And the result is actually darker than I predicted. No way turning back after I sprayed the second coat. It would destroy the whole thing if I clean it off……

It took a long time to spray, cos have to spray three layers, and then add on the clear spray for paint protection.

Paint protection is a type of clear spray, and it is to protect the user from the paint powder. Every paint will have the tendency to be rub off easily, this, a last layer of clear spray will stop the paint dust from falling off, and also to protect the paint.

Anyway, today was rushing for the assignment, and finally finished it at 1830. Yippy. But it is dark now, no chance to go out cycling. Just as I thought the assignment is finished, another one came. When will it ever end wo?

Feeling so stressed up sometime. Work, study sleep, work study sleep. Like a machine.


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