Monday, March 23, 2009

Chilli crab for lunch. (o.O)

Today got a very very honored feeling, because one of the resident give me a treat for lunch. I am so honored.

She is Goto san, and as I saw her coming back, she was asking me whether have I had my lunch. At that time, I was busy repairing the fountain in the courtyard, and told her I have not, and she asked whether do I eat chilli crab. I say YUP~~! And she mention some in Japanese that I have a lot of broken blur, but it seems to make out that she was having party yesterday night, and they packed some crab back. And since I like the chilli crab, I can have it for lunch. They have more at home. I gladly take the chilli crab, and put it at the table and continue to repair the fountain.

After the repair, I went back, and found out the chilli crab have a lot of gravy in it. OH~! What a waste it would be if I threw it away. And I am not going to drink it too. Thus, I was sourcing for alternative, then caught sight of a packet of Maggie mee lying on the shelf. Instantly, I take another pot and cook Maggie mee in chilli crab sauce.

With my portable electric heater, this is no stopping me from eating very delicious crab. I was surprised there are two crabs~! Wow, And the legs are very thick and fat. Although it have no claw/s, but I am content with it.

I just wanna say this: Goto san, thank you very much for your wonderful lunch. Appreciate it a lot.



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