Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cursed Fountain?

I have been wondering, is that fountain cursed or something? how come strange things always happens when we are trying to repair this fountain?

I was getting ready to do repair, when I got a urgent call to check on a leaking. Great....Pipe burst. Duh~! Leak your head. the water came running down like rain. and everything is wet in the unit. Half a day is gone. Then when I again want to go and repair it, Got a call from the management requesting to check on the unit for repair and to finish it up ASAP. I wne to check, and great, the job there is enough to keep me occupied for the next two days. Friday and saturday. Why is this like that?

As for the other guy, he was gone to do some job too. Anyway, it requires two people to get the job done. KIV KIV KIV till next week......But, I shall perserve.

Mobile entertainment station

Today I found an item so useful, that it can pack and unpack my music station. hee hee. My music station consist of a discman, with two speaker. Hmm......Really useful. Now I can listen to Ayumi as I work. One of these days, I will get that Ai Otsuka CD too. hmm...I love Ai Otsuka Love Punch. It is a cute song like a small little girl singing. but she is quite big de loh. Can fight with Yumi Adachi. In fact, I thing Ai Otsuka can already defested Yumi Adachi, but Ayumi Hamasaki still win all.

Anyway, it is just put the stuff on this tray, and move with the workstation. and when reach there, it can be unpacked, and blast the sound loud. Once I was playing in the second floor, my friend came back tekking me he can hear it from the basement swimming pool. Hmm... got so loud mah?

*think think think*

April 7th...... Please come fast. . . in between, still so many days......will go crazy~


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