Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 in SG

A great fall

Yesterday was cycling home yesterday, and well, had a great fall, and hit 4 bicycles while exiting the MRT station bicycle park.

Really hate those who park the bicycle with the wheels out. Anyway, the bicycle is the number 2 bicycle, and the stem is a bit faulty. Thus, while turning, the stem got stuck and hit bicycle before falling. Duh.

Luckily the brake is still good and stop in time without any injury. But leg is a bit pain though.

Singapore Earth Hour

On 28th March 2009, I went to watch the Earth hour. Hmm… SG is not so good one. I watch it from building A. Cos among the buildings, Building A is taller than the rest. And I was actually late for it. Duh. Time plan cock up. After exiting, some buildings switch off the sign. Among the most obvious is the Singapore flyer. Buildings like Singtel is off, Pan pacific, suntec City, Tangs, Far East plaza so to speak. I was expecting the road lights to be off too. And also the Casino Construction. It is to most spoiler of the event, because the whole city, the casino construction lights is the most obvious light around the city, yest it spoilt the whole show. I was very disappointed with that and the streets light. Unlike the one in Australia, They switch off the street lights and everything. Hmm….

Over the one hour was looking and watching the whole Singapore 260 degree. I was very very surprise, and it is in my wrong estimation. The maridius mandarin 37 floor café is near empty~! I thought it would be crowded. Instead, it was only occupied on the Chatterbox. But the café below is near empty.

I was estimating the event occupancy and concluded that a lot of people will be there, and set it as my plan B. But yet, when I watch it from building A, I was really amazed to see that it is near empty. Maybe not many people know that. Hmm… Next year, I will go and watch it from Meridius Mandarin.

I saw from above, some people taking snapshot, because you can see the camera lights. As for me, I can’t take a clear shot of it, cos not a good camera. Duh. But still I watch it with my eyes only.

Then at 2130, the lights for pan pacific is the first to be one

Then follow by CPL building, then maybank. It is so cool to watch them switch on one by one. And then it is suntec, then far east plaza, and the second last is the Singapore flyer, where it switch on with the green light first. And lastly, it is the singtel building. The orchard Singtel will be the first to be on, follow by the other one in new bridge .

It was really cool. But it is a shame they did not switch off the streets light.

Sun Burnt

Yup, got sun burnt yesterday all because of the stupid fountain and the effort to set a device.

The fountain was repaired on Friday, and set to switch on on Saturday. Yet, when switch on, found the water flow is low again. I thought it was a 5 minutes job, but turn out to be a 3 hour job. Was pulling here and there, and then, gave up, think there is a bend in the pipeline. Have to remove out the whole pipe and redo again. Duh.


I am learning this new song by Ai Otsuka. It is called Sakurabo, Hmm… Sakurabo means cherry. And it is a very fast pace song. If I could master this pace, I think the rest of the song will not be a problem. It is a song about a girl confessing her love to a guy because she like his smile. And it is because of his smile, the girl was in love with him, and she wish she is like a cherry (sakurabo). In the song, she mention that they are together for two years, and over the two years, there are a lot of quarrel, and stuff like that, but she forgives him and still love him because of his sweet sweet smile(Egao saku kimi to tsunagattetai).

If I master this, I would sing this in the next KTV. Yippy. 27 days away to the next KTV.


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