Thursday, April 02, 2009

Late Appointment

Today someone really got it from me this time.

One big thing that I really hate is someone late for appointment. I really hate those people who doesn’t keep to their time, cos it would disrupt my schedule. And this time round, he really disrupted not only my schedule, but the reputation of the company.

One of the contractor is to deliver an item to a very long term resident, and the appointment set is 1500. Because of him, I dropped off everything at 1455, and went to the lobby to wait for him. Until 1515, he is not here yet. I continued to do my job, until it is time to almost close shop at 1700, he came at 1650. As the resident needs it urgently, I went up and meet him to bring him to the house. The housekeeper is the only one inside, and they were surprise it is so late. The owner has gone out to her friend house. They scratched the table, which left a deep scare. I noted it down, and then as they set it up, there are two wires not connected. It was found that it is connected to the video player and DVD player.

How to watch show without the video cable connected wo. I asked him to connect it back, and he just said:”I dunno connect to where.” I just bear with it, and then, before they left, they left a plastic bag inside. Later, there is some confusion over the setting, and the housekeeper has to call up to the owner to return home. Before we left, I saw she was really driving fast, and come to check on the thing. She was confused as it is always the husband who set the thing. And the contractor tells her to set the thing herself. I was so dissatisfied over it, and his assistance quickly left the house.

I left with the contractor to the lobby, and I gave him a piece of my mind big time. How can a service provider provide such a service? And what will it reflect on the company image? It is totally wrong of him to do that and even as to leave a plastic bag in the room for the housekeeper to clear it simply because there is a housekeeper around. They are not only late, and out of kindness, I brought them up instead of chasing them away.

He even dares to speak back at me, and lucky for him the security step in just in time or else I will really not only scold him big time and also a big ‘souvenir’ to remember me by.

I was so very angry today. But really, the SMS of someone brought me back to my sense. I have not been that angry for a long time.

Really hope I can change this bad habit of mine.

Honto ni


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