Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Water water everywhere.

Next month, someone is going to get a hefty bill for the water.

Last week, we have a pipe burst, and today, it is just too great. a 3 inch water pipe burst. and it is almost invisible.

Hmm... as I was walking around the building, I can hear water flowing inside a pipeline, and it is a completely different feeling from the usual days. I discard it, but made a note of it. 1 hour later, while walking past, the water sound is detected again, and I was getting panic now, because it seems a huge volume wo.

Calling out to my friend to go and check it, I then continue to do my things. Then, at noon, he came back and tell me there is water flowing in the pipeline, but never get to know where it comes from. OH GOSH~!

I quickly went back to check on the engineering drawing and to locate the incoming and outgoing. and This is JUST GREAT~! the engineering drawing says where to water goes to, but it does not state where it comes from. Cos it just ended at a path call summit. What does summit means in civil engineering term? I trace till like hell and then with the battery pack , hammer and a screwdriver, we went and search every corner of how the pipe goes. Have to follow the pipe which goes underground. and we open the diaphram wall access panel to pop the head in. Cockroaches everywhere. DUH~!

But then when we reached the summit, which the drawing says, WIN liao loh~! it brought us to a hazardous environment with high tension wire one. the water all flow out from the bunch of high tension wires, and the switchboard is just right on top. We go up where the summit says and gound a puddle of water on the floor. It was estimate to be rainwater, but later found it strange, because that water does not bear any algae and it is flowing non stop one. Going back to the drawing, we found there is a pipeline below the puddle of water, and went back to the spot again to locate the water gate valve which the drawing says it should have been. DUH~! no water valve. Backtrack it, we reached the third level branch, and shutting it down would disrupt water supply for three levels. We then went to shut it off after getting the green light and sits back to wait as the balance water goes off.

It was all too strange, because the water is huge wo. I go back to the pipe and found that it is a 3 inch pipe wo~! with the maximum pressure head somemore. Cham liao, a lot of water is wasted. But it is a total relief that we managed to shut off the valve. tomorrow, the engineer will be going to assess the damage ad rectification work. Please lah dun let it be me again.

Get a contractor to repair that pipe. I have a lot of work to do ley.


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