Sunday, April 05, 2009

My programming days......are long gone.

I was reading up on a site about how virus and it reminds me of the days when I was in my teenager. Hmm…. Computer viruses. Sometime, you gotta love it, cos you could laugh at people who was struck by it, especially when it is the programmer. Sometime, you could just count yourself bad luck, just like me last time. But, I was only struck down once. And from then on, I have been very careful

Self destruct program

In my secondary days, when I was using the computer, it is the stage of when it is using MS-DOS programming. With the programming, I created a programme called “devastator”. It is a self destruct program where it erase the hard disk content with a single activation. As a safe guard for me if I were to execute this, I add in a countdown, so that I would have a grace period to disable it by punching the keycode that over-ride it.

The program was created to clear off the hard disk one shot at a time if I do not like that PC. Hmm…. Sounds fun, but it would be difficult to start back up. And the most ingenious part of it is that devastator will even delete itself after all the things have been done. But, the effect will not be seen until the PC is reboot. When windows is created, devastator failed to work anymore.

Auto executor

Auto executor is another of the program, to set all the program parameters before launching a program. It is used for a game, where each time, the user has to set the speaker mode, sound level, video graphic setting before starting the game. For auto executor, it’s main role is to set the parameter automatically after the windows icon is click. Nothing much roleplay of it.


Cytronic is the best program ever created by me. It’s a program created patch by patch, and it is in the days when internet bloom. I created a web page and it seems boring with one page only. Then, during the resourcing of webpage source code, came across many different language. From these, Cytronic is created.

Purpose of Cytronic

Cytronic is a program with many other support files, where it is continuous executing. I load it up to three remote server because it end up to be a huge files, and remote server can only handle 15MB at a time. Support files are created pieces by pieces through reading on books. The program Cytronic is integrated into the webpage, where it goes to different website, capture source code and integrate it into the webpage. After it is integrated, it would send an email back to inform about the changes, and ask to keep it or return back to original coding.

The webpage frame, info box, time, are some of those that is created by Cytronic. Many interesting source code is been sourced and integrated, and I continue to update it weekly. It is until the day when one of the server shutdown, and the program is like losing part of the body, failed to work. The coding were missing as I did not save it on my computer as a backup. Since then, I do not bother about the webpage anymore, because I lose interest in creating the next generation webpage. A Flash playing webpage.

Creating virus, is nothing beneficial to everyone except the antivirus company......


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