Friday, April 03, 2009

Blogging For my Dear Sister...

I was reading up on previous SMS from someone, and came upon one that says:” ….work oversea”

Working oversea

It reminds me of one girl. Fiona. Yup, if Fiona is reading it, it is Fiona Soh. I am so jealous that my friend Fiona can get to go work oversea. Hmm… somewhere in Hong Kong. And then, there is Ban Tiong, who travels overseas once in a while. Then there is Kenichiro, who works in Taiwan.

I was also reminded of one lady, whom I met in Australia. She said she is from Malaysia, and she migrate to Australia and was living happily there. Never got to know the name.

One deep impression is when Fiona told me that she is oversea in HK. I thought it is for vacation, and then found that it is working oversea. She have a cute little doggie called pipi and was so worried of her dog when it went missing, and she and her BF have to go around the street looking for pipi. Yeah, I could just imagine that. Imagine the day when I lost twinkle, for 2 hours, and pipi was lost for 2 day~!

Sometime, I wish to go oversea to work too. If not Japan, maybe Australia, or England. Or maybe the romantic France. Ever since I step into Adelaide and Melbourne, I really love the cold weather there. The chill is simply too great, and it is real sad when I leave it, because I am coming back to the hot weather country. I love the chill, and sometime, wish to work oversea. But I am stuck here. For the next probably 2 years.

If one day, I go oversea to work, hmm… will definitely misses my home, relatives and the gadgets at home. Who knows, I may establish another room full of gadgets. People who work with me knows the numbers of gadget around. One guy even says:” No matter where I go, I can find one gadget you created around the building.”

4 feet fluorescent charging module light fitting

Today, one gadget was made faulty by one contractor. Haih. It is repaired now, but I was worried about it this afternoon as if it is my child. In fact, it is one of my invention made out of scraps.

This is a modified 4 feet fluorescent light fitting, and it is powered by AC and emergency pack.
Emergency pack is a kind of device that store charges during AC powering, and it auto switch over to battery use when the AC is cut off. I was browsing through the scrap last year and found this light fitting that people dispose of it. Took back three light fittings and strip off the component and reassemble the working parts.

Secondly, I went to the scrap with a meter and find a working charging module, and working battery. They are just dispose because there are certain fittings where the charger is faulty, but the battery is good working. And another light fitting where the battery is not working, but the charger is working.

I study the wiring and re-modify the circuit to integrate the 4 feet light fitting and the charging module and battery together. And after all is done, check for short, and connect to portable power protector. It lights up, and the meter shows 6 volts for the battery charge. Then, I switch it off, and it changeover to battery. Yippy~! A new toy to play with. Then, the battery is expanded to 6 cells parallel to give it a longer holding time because it is to hold more current into the circuit, so that a normally standard 30 minutes light up time can extend to maximum 1.5 hours.

The light fitting is a very useful tool in the Annual power shutdown event, where the lights are all switched off, and the portable light fitting comes in handy in not only in places where there is no power, and also for lighting up the way as we walk in the dark.

One day, the light fitting dropped to the floor, and the casing is split into two. Hmm… was very sad over this creation, and look for some tools to repair it back. Then, when the handling pose a problem, I added a handle to hold the light fitting. And it can now be carried around easily, and hook on any hook through the handle.

Now in this new environment, this light is still the best because it can light up a place such as bathroom because the lights were dim. And allows me to see the repair work more clearly.

So you see, a scrap can even be modified into good use rather than going to the scrap yard.

Hmm… maybe one day I can open a recycling plant. Yup. “Save the Earth.” ORCarrier recycling plant” … hmm… I like that.


I am picking this skill now. It is really good, cos it gave me the feeling. I am currently learning some new songs. Well, most is from Ayumi. Songs like “End of the world”, “Faraway” I like most is “Key” Because it is a song that is very highly touching. The song is about picking oneself up from the trouble, and it needs a lot of emotion to sing it.

Then the other is “Together with”. A really really sad song of how a girl like the guy, and wanted to let the guy know, but she couldn’t. She fall for the guy, and not know where the guy is, and wanted to go around the world to look for him. It is a real sad song, that once made me moved my tears singing it. Aiyah, too bad no one understands the meaning behind the lyrics. . . . All look so blur listening to me sing. *Kwah Kwah*


Like the song “Together with”, I made a mistake once, I let emotion got in my way, and it cost me dearly. So much that I couldn’t forgive myself. I was so confused, and got angry real bad, and it cost me dearly. I want to go back, but I couldn’t go back anymore. I wanted to find again, but I couldn’t find again.

Problem with Anger

Anger, it cost me dearly, I so wish I could get rid of this problem soon. I do not wish history to repeat again. It have been more than 2 years now since we parted. But we just could not be the same again. After all those incidents, and the pain that I caused you. I know, I couldn’t be with you again even if I would. The feeling will not be the same again, we will no longer trust each other again even if we got together. I could do nothing, but to move on, instead of sitting down thinking whether to go back or move on. For me, I chooses to move on.

It has cost me a lot more than just you.

Jealousy, you know, it got in your way. You are jealous of me and my dear sister, why we are so much closer than I do you. I have been with her for a long time(26 years), longer than you. But at that time, I am totally for you. Yet you do not believe, and you think I am for my sister. It is something that I really really could not stand. When I got you the one thing you want, you shove it away saying it was for someone else. But it is really for you, and you don’t believe it. You believe it is for my sister. I just will never forget that word you said. But I wanted the whole world to know this:

"My sister, will forever be my sister, and I will never leave her alone even if it is for you. Nothing can change the fact."

I hope you know what am I talking about when you read this.



Leaving the same scars
In our hearts
We quietly and strongly began to walk
With our backs turned, not looking back

Together with. . . Ayumi Hamasaki.


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