Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ayumi Hamasaki

Amanda Val

Wow, I was reading up on one stuff, and found one person who like Ayumi too, and can even sing WITHOUT the music. This is so awesome. Can even sing the evolution somemore. I totally cannot believe it de lor.

evolution is one the the hardest song that I ever sing. hmm... this is because it is a fast pace music, and there are a lot of words to follow in the beginning.

So far, I have been practicing ayumi song very long time, but I still think Rainbow is the most favourite song. Perhaps it is because rainbow is sonething that is beautiful. The only site that I put up the song rainbow is still in the friendsters.

Anyway, I am learning up on Ai Otsuka songs, because one of the song is really very meaningful about the real fact of life, that we have to smile even when we are sad, because someone could fall in love with the smile. And it is called Sakuranbo.

Sakuranbo is actually means cherry, because cherry is always comes in pairs. and they are sweet and cute. The song is about a girl, flipping back her notebook and found that she have been with a guy she like for 2 years, and through the two years, there are a lot of things happening between them, and some is about fighting. but it is later all cleared because the girl knows she is in love with him and forgive him everything.

It is fast pace, and it is a bit cute. there are two sentence that suddenly swing very fast out of sudden. But it is the idea of the song. Hmm.... If only, there is someone singing it for me. Duh~ It is 7 in the morning, maybe I am still dreaming.

Ai Otsuka songs are cute, and lovely. with her voice, it really makes a hit one. And she laugh very weird too.... people all laugh hahaha, she laugh he he he he he. So cute de.

In fact I have a resident with me, who have a name called Otsuka too~. It is a very very sinple name to remember, because Otsuka is cute. If only, there is a resident called Hamasaki, It would be the most easiest to remember. And if her name is ayumi hamasaki living in, I would definately be very very busy, cos it might be Ayumi Hamasaki her self living in it.


I was given a set of golf set by one resident, because he is returning back to japan, and have no use of the golf set. How generous of him. Thank Hirusaki san.

I was trying to practice, and realise out of sudden: GOLF is so much difficult to play with~! Unlike watching it from TV, there are actually so many body have to co-ordinate one. It is a total full body synchronisation so that the club can hit a ball of 38mm. And it is an illegal ball somemore.

Golf reminds me of Hemant. Wow, wonder how Mr hemant Pun does it with golf. and to think, 4 years ago, he actually won a tournament. Last time I heard of, he is in England. but no more contact ever since......

Hemant, dun forget us people in SG~!


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