Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 days of Alcohol

2 days of drinking

The days is finally over. Din expect to have drinking session that last for two days. Hmm…. While everyone is celebrating the good Friday, went with few friends to a place for clubbing. Been 3 years since I went to those places.
The scene is still the same. Youngsters, crowds, liquors, smoking room, everything is still the same. And last thing that always is around, people fainted, and got carried away.

I think drinking should be controlled. Cos if too heavy, the person might get fainted, or even worse, alcohol poisoning.

I was there till 0200 and then later, take a bus home. Thank God there is a night rider around, and it even stop at my doorstep. Hee hee. Although the journey is long, but it sure is cheap. The last time I took a cab home from there cost me $25. But then again, with the time into consideration, maybe I should have take a cab. . .
Friday night, half jug bourbon coke, two tweezer. Low kick.

Saturday working

Duh, also have to work on Saturday. So only sleep for 2 hours. But it seems enough one. And I really enjoyed myself, cos free of all worries, and party.

On Saturday, is another drinking session. And this time it is even more. Woohoo. Cos there is a rich guy paying for it. We have 6 people going for it, and one of them even challenge the rich guy for a drink. And they both start it. Looks real funny, cos they really gobble up all the beer. All sort of beer. We have Chang , Carlsberg, Sapporo, Heineken. And on top it that, a year 2000 red wine. The guy who start the challenge is still standing. Wow his drinking is really lasting de loh. As for me, I stopped after third can, cos the limit’s reached.

One guy drank 6 cans and dropped down. While another throws up. Ha ha. The beer is suppose to drink slowly de lor. Else the gas will stuck inside stomach de lor.

The red wine tasted weird, cos go one strange taste. But the one who bought said it is like that, cos it is 9 years old. Hmm…. Anyway, drank one quarter of it. And then slowly one Sapporo, one Chang, and one Carlsberg. I think Sapporo is too gasy. Chang is better taste than others. Change is a beer from Thailand, while Sapporo is from Japan. The most expensive would be Sapporo, cos it is made in Japan and shipped here.

Got a headache after 2 hours, but still can manage to walk and cycle back home.
Thank you Ah Wong for the generosity in getting the chicken and beers and asking me to go.


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