Friday, April 10, 2009

MSN messenger problem?

Lately, there is an upgrade of MSN messenger carried out, and ever since, the MSN stopped to auto log in le. hmm... what is wrong with the thing now?

I tried checking the options, the startup scripts, all is in order. Is there something that I do not know to set?

My laptop is set into a way that it start up all the selected application automatically. Then, there is a problem with the messenger, cos it doesn't auto log in. Each time, I have to go and click on the connect button.

Does anyone face this problem? how to solve this wo?

Beer Vs Wine

I found one one thing today. I think the body no longer allergic to beer now. Duh. Why is this so wo?

I love to drink wine one, but it can cause some rashes, and so is beer. but lately, I have been on drinking spree, and found that the allergic to beer is no longer there. But the wine drinking still stands. What really happen wo?

This saturday, we are going on a beer drinking spree. hee hee. dunno how many cans can it last. I really miss the days of drinking with the Secondary school friends. Remember the time when we drink so high, one of us jump into the singapore river. and then, I also jump in, and was woke up by the chill. Or ended up in a hotel room without realising it, until we woke up. Those were the days...

Anyway, I dislike the gas of the beer. That's why I go for the wine. but cannot drink wine. Duh.

Sopporo Beer, that's what were are going for it this saturday. With a new group of friends, and hope it would be successful. Kee kee. someone must not know about it.

Anyway, I wun go for binge drinking one, ever since the day I had a fight with someone after that. Yup. If I am drunk, I can actually go bersek one. That's why. and it can lead to more problem later on. Must control must control.

Wine is ok, a bitter taste, I like red wine, and rice wine. They are so nice one. Aiyah, too bad this body is allergic to it. Else I sure buy many bottles back from oversea.


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