Friday, April 10, 2009

More than SGD 1400 bill

Credit card bill

Today got a letter from the credit card company, and I was shocked to see that I over spend my budget, which was predicted last month. Wow, Last month's credit card bill is more than SGD 1400~! Duh

This month, must save up on budget. Was thinking why like this wo. Thought of getting only a few things, but later ended up getting more and more, and ended up with such a big debt. April......Must save must save. No more express chicken rice~

Think Going for maggie mee all afternoon now.

Japan holiday plan seems to be drifting away by the look of it......My master plan for the end of the year......

Kuang Blog

I was looking at a blog, and found out that my previous blog I posted online was in her blog. Hmm.... She sure is happy that I blog about her previously. Yeah. Both of us have the fun days de loh. I always sayang you one de hoh. hee hee

Since the day I carry you when you were a baby, now you are so big and working better than me and gets to drive a car to work. As for me, haih, still taking public transport.....I wanna drive a car too~! If got nissan march, it would be darn cool Buy me a Nissan March if you strike Toto, ok.

The most needed time when I needed you is the day my dad passed away. and you stayed up all night on those days and made a lot of arrangement for him.

The day I flew off to a foreign land, you picked time out to see me off.

Really Thank you a lot.


Blogger kfriend_sg said...

I dont drive a car to work, please....
I also have to take my own transport and walk in to my workplace myself lor...

I am not that fortunate lorrr...

11:52 PM  

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