Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 lessons......

This morning, when I use the PC at work, I caught sight of one weird email address.
As I thought it is a spam mail, and was about to delete, and realised, it is from one of the resident.

Somehow, she managed to get hold of my email address, which I dunno how she gets it.

From that, I found that it is very touching to know that this resident actually remembers a short and brief conservation and she was at a lost of explaining it to me, and thus, she spent some time, writing on the email, to explain to me.

This coming 5th May, it is the Japanese children day. it is for the boy now, and every household who have small kids, will display a samurai ninggyo, and it is a symbolise that the good health follows, and drives away the evil spirit as the boy grows up.

Thank you very much Nitta san for explaining the japanese culture to me. So embarrass that my japanese is still not to the standard yet. I took a test before, and found that my japanese level is compared to Kindergarden level 2 of the japanese education level......

I must polish it up, at least by year end. A draft plan is being formulated, and I may go oversea this year. And as one of the japanese comment, it is a snowing weather, and I can get to go and see yuki~!

It is weird, cos so far, I have not met a single japanese who is from Hokkaido. Cos I really needs the info there. hmm... Most of them is from tokyo vicinity...

Yuki yuki doko ka.

Anyway, I really appreciate Nitta san's information on the children day. perhaps, on the 5th may, I can get to see how they celebrate the Japanese children day for boy.

7 Lessons

From one, span to 3, and from 3 span to 5 and from 5 to 6, and 7th is soming up. Wow, this year, I seems to be taking more course than ever, because I have quite a huge interest to learn everything. GOLF, is one of them, since I got a golf club set now. No guidance......Where is hemant when I needed him?


I have not yet get a bluetooth yet. aiyah. Working life is really miserable without music on my ear.....The budget for next month is out, and it is only a 23% chance of getting a bluetooth next month......Am I doomed to get to work next month without a bluetooth? I really hate that fountain.

本とに本と嫌いな! 馬鹿!!

It took the bluetooth away from me, and now, I cannot work with ultimate efficiency. If approval is given, I will sure get that hacking tool and hack it down. I get to be the first. Cos it caused me much misery.


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