Sunday, April 26, 2009

KTV on 25th March


Yippy, have this KTV and it is really great. And to the sad part, I can't execute sakuranbo project. Basically, because the KTV does not have the song. AIYAH!

Why WHY! why no songs that I want one??? it is a popular love song in JApan wo. how come dun have???

And to add to it, hmm,... they still do not have any songs by Aikawa Nanase. DOUBLE AIYAH~!!!

So the only songs I can sing is Believe , Together when, Faraway and actually wanted to sing First love, but remembered there are some kanji that I cannot figure it out, so din sing that.

Anyway, Hacken Lee song I like, cos there is a concert where Kacken Lee sing with Alan Tham. Yippy, so nice to sing. No one to sing the alan tham side. so sians. Perhaps next time must find one who can sing cantonese fast fast. Thanks shirley for trying, and sorry, I really like this song, and sing it three time. hee hee.

Sang quite a lot of song, dunno why, a lot of people left the room......Is my singing that bad mah? Anyway, thanks shirley who sits down and accompany me to sing. hee


Yippy, the destination Hokkaido is formulating now. It is made independent from the Australia trip, so it is confirmed, I will be going to hokkaido. So looking forward to it. It shall be the first trip to Japan. So exciting. exciting. Yuki yuki doko ka.

Speaking of Hokkaido......Remember Ian Tan's souvenir from Hokkaido. SHIROI KOIBITO~!
It is the most tasty biscuit because it can only be bought fresh from Hokkaido. Really thank Ian for that. Although you are no longer working with us now, but your positive and diligent working attitude is deeply remembered. Up to now, I still wonder how did Ian Tan survive in Japan one. Does he knows Japanese? Never heard of him speaking JApanese before wo.


I am shifting the facial product gradually now, cos I find that Fancl product is great. Hmm.... looks like Johnson and johnson lose another loyal customer. But I really like the product of Fancl, cos it actually changes the skin texture, and it is improving slowly.

Perhaps one of these days, I can tell the Jean Yip bye bye also.

Basically, Fancl is a trusted brand, cos it is spread by word of mouth. I went to many Japanese houses, and noted that they uses Fancl product mostly. One guy really depend on Fancl for the entire supplement and washing product. He comment it is great, because it energise him. There are some girls that are really beautiful because they keep a constant stock of Fancl product.

The beautician lynette suggest to improve it step by step, and well, it is improving. Perhaps I can say bye bye to Jean yip soon. kee kee.

The Fancl Tense up is really a bit expensive cos it is $70++ for ten hmm.... but it is good, only a bit expensive. maybe change the lifestyle slowly.


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